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Goodnight Tokyo ❤️

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Monkey see monkey do. #onsenmonkey

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Best food in the world- Tokyo

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matchingoutfits with my cutie pie

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I’ve never seen so many rainbows in a day. We drove to the highest point in Maui, 10000 ft high. So cold and windy up there I couldn’t pose for a picture till we drove downhill. But the rainbows were worth it. We drove through so many of them for 2 hours... feeling like a Carebear!

nofilter #rainbow

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What an amazing day out at sea today. The sun is warm and wind is cool. We saw the whales, dolphins, manta ray and turtles. ?

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nofilter pink sunset. Amazingly beautiful isn’t it?

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Took a helicopter and had a birds eye view of Kauai. This is the Jurassic Park waterfalls. Many movies are filmed in Kauai cuz it’s simply breathtaking. A lot of land here is privately owned. Mark Zuckerberg bought a huge plot by the sea too and now I know why... once you get here, you’re in paradise.

naturelover #jurassicpark

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Aloha! It’s our annual December holidays again! This time it’s extra special to have Cara with us. The last time I was in Hawaii?.... 20 years ago! Lovin’ it


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