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Ping Pong Playa

PING PONG PLAYA in theaters Friday, Sept 5!!!

TAKEN FROM JIMMY TSAI'S BLOG HEREEVERYBODY!!! CHECK IT: the new comedy from Oscar winner Jessica Yu - PING PONG PLAYA  opens September 5th in SAN FRANCISCO, SAN  JOSE, BERKELEY, LOS ANGELES, GLENDALE, ALHAMBRA, IRVINE and NEW YORK.  On September 12, the film opens in SEATTLE and HOUSTON!  Please spread the word and send email blasts!It's an exciting time--but here's where we need you. We'll let the movie speak for itself (if the reactions of people who have seen the movie is any indication, we firmly believe you won't be disappointed), but we need your help to spread the word about the release of the movie. Independent movies don't have the marketing budget to compete against the mammoth studio movies, but what we do have is intense, strong word-of-mouth (just check out any of a number of our reviews--from outlets large and small, from critics, bloggers, and chat room posters alike). We are encouraging groups of people to buy out blocks of seats on our first opening weekend in each of these cities.  Bring your friends, your family and your neighbors.  The film is for all ages. In San Francisco - on Saturday, September 6 - we have some groups of people buying out seats and in Los Angeles there will be groups coming to the Mann Chinese 6 and Alhambra.  We could use more people buying out seats on all of the other cities and every theater.  Our website: And if you know of any friends w/ websites or blogs that want to support the film by putting up our banner ads, please download help us continue to spread the word and come check out the movie opening weekend (Sept 5--LA/SF/NY; Sept 12--Seattle/Houston).HERE ARE THE LIST OF THEATERS - PLEASE CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR TIMES AND TO BUY TICKETS.  SOME THEATERS WILL OFFER DISCOUNTS FOR GROUP SALES - PLEASE CHECK WITH THEM.SEPTEMBER 5, 2008NEW YORK (MANHATTAN)REGAL E-WALK (TIMES SQUARE)247 W. 42ND STREET (AT 8TH AVENUE)NEW YORK, NEW YORK  10036BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ON FANDANGO.COM LOEWS VILLAGE 766 THIRD AVENUE (AT 11TH STREET)NEW YORK, NY  10003BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ON FANDANGO.COM ANGELESALHAMBRA/PASADENA/SAN GABRIEL VALLEYEDWARDS ATLANTIC PALACE 10700 MAIN STREETATLANTIC AT MAIN STREETALHAMBRA, CA  91801BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ON FANDANGO.COM GLENDALE EXCHANGE 10128 MARYLAND AVENUEGLENDALE, CA 91205BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ON MOVIEFONE.COM CHINESE 6 THEATERSHOLLYWOOD AND HIGHLAND6801 HOLLYWOOD BLVD.LOS ANGELES, CA  90028BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ON MOVIETICKETS.COM UNIVERSITY TOWN CENTER 64245 CAMPUS DRIVEIRVINE, CA  92612BUY ADVANCE TICKETS AT FANDANGO.COM FRANCISCOAMC LOEWS METREON 16101 4TH STREET AT MISSIONSAN FRANCISCO, CA  94013BUY ADVANCE TCKETS AT FANDANGO.COM SHATTUCK CINEMAS2230 SHATTUCK AVENUEBERKELEY, CA  94704BUY ADVANCE TICKETS AT LANDMARKTHEATRES.COM JOSECAMERA 12 DOWNTOWN201 SOUTH SECOND STREETSAN JOSE, CA  95113BUY ADVANCE TICKETS AT CAMERACINEMAS.COM check the website often for updates.  There are already two parties taking place with the opening of the film.Friday, September 5 - Los Angeles with Climax Global - official after-party at CENTRAL HOLLYWOOD. Check our website for more details and address - meet the director and stars of PING PONG PLAYA. Bring your ticket stub for free entry before 11pm!Saturday, September 6 - San Francisco - Hyphen Magazine and Center for Asian American Media are creating an evening party for all ticket stub holders at Straits Cafe next to the Metreon. Party starts at 10pm!!!Again, make sure you check the website for current info and breaking news!Please spread the word and let's sell out the weekend!

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About the Film

Christopher "C-dub" Wang is a suburban guy who sports an urban swagger, waxes political on all things Asian American, and clings to pipe dreams of a career as a pro basketball player. Blaming genetics for his failure to make the NBA, C-dub lives at home, works a dead-end job, and squirms in the shadow of his older brother, Michael, a doctor and ping pong champion.

With a family-run store devoted to all things ping pong and a mom who teaches it at the local Chinese Community Center, the Wangs’ entire world revolves around the sport. But despite the family legacy, C-dub opts to spend his free time playing video games and daydreaming about get-rich quick schemes with his best friend JP Money.

C-dub is kicked back into reality when his mom and Michael are hurt in a car accident, leaving his father to watch over the store and forcing C-dub to take over his mom’s ping pong class of misfits. C-dub starts to appreciate the benefits of ping pong when he starts using the class to make some extra money on the side and befriending one of the kids who happens to have a beautiful older sister.

But when the Wang family livelihood is threatened by a rival ping pong player’s attempts to lure the kids away, C-dub begins to take things more seriously. With the National Golden Cock Tournament coming up and an injured Michael unable to defend his title, C-dub must become the player he pretends to be and defend his family’s ping pong dynasty.

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I entered filmmaking through the world of documentaries. My films have dealt with disability, outsider art, and former extremists renouncing their violent pasts. The logical choice for a first narrative feature might have been – oh, I don’t know, maybe an intimate drama about family dysfunction or a biopic about an obscure revolutionary poet. Instead we have here a comedy about ping pong. Consistency be damned. Making a film like this was a new adventure for me, and as a director it was one of the most pleasurable.

As a fifth-generation Chinese American with politically active parents, I grew up with a strong awareness of my cultural identity. My very first film was a short documentary on San Jose’s Chinatown, where my grandfather grew up. I’ve wanted to tell more Asian American stories – ones that reflected my experience, which is probably a more relaxed and undoubtedly more privileged one than that of past generations. Somehow the right story and circumstances hadn’t come along until I met Joan, Jeff, and Jimmy (by the way, we don’t know what’s up with all the “J” names either).

Joan, Jeff and I had become friends during the making of IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL, a feature documentary about the elusive outsider artist Henry Darger, when their company Cherry Sky Films came in to help with completion funding. Cherry Sky has been a supporter of many Asian American films, including Justin Lin’s hit, BETTER LUCK TOMORROW. The success of that film demonstrated that an Asian American film could be simultaneously daring, commercial, socially relevant, and above all, entertaining. So when Joan approached me about collaborating on a comedy, I was excited. In talking about it, we agreed that we wanted to capture something of the Asian American experience in a fun and subversively mainstream way. A popcorn comedy with a sprinkling of social commentary. I signed on, and in the fall of 2005 I started writing the script with Cherry Sky’s production accountant, Jimmy Tsai.

I knew Jimmy as Cherry Sky’s amiable and efficient numbers cruncher, so I was floored when, at a screening some years ago, he showed some mock commercials for Venom, his fledgling sportswear company. The spots featured a brash, urban-styled, NBA wannabe named C-dub. The guy waxed political on Asian American culture, all the while dunking on nerds and little kids. C-dub was a fresh character: smart, profane, buffoonish, and hilarious. And he was played by an unrecognizable Jimmy Tsai.

Jimmy didn’t sell any shirts that night (OK, I bought two) but he got huge laughs. Recalling that event, I proposed that the film revolve around C-dub’s character. Joan had the idea of setting the story in the world of ping pong. The mundane reputation of table tennis and the slacker thuggishness of C-dub seemed a fertile mix.

As Jimmy and I began working, I was struck by how calm he was, given the possibility that his first acting role might be as the star of this feature. We had been hammering away at the outline for about a month when I made some comment about shielding him from writing duties during production. “Why?” he asked.

“I’ll want you to be able to focus on acting.”

“Acting?” His look was pure incredulity. “I think you better talk to Joan about that.”

Turns out, Joan and Jimmy had no idea that I had assumed that Jimmy was the only one to play this role. It took a little convincing, but everyone involved agreed to give Jimmy a chance. He was C-dub. Happily, Jimmy turned out to be a natural; plus his “whatever it takes” attitude meant that he dedicated himself to months of ping pong training, vacuuming the office, designing props and other tasks, while still handling payroll and writing cost reports up to the last minute. Model minority behavior in action!

Jimmy and I both saw in C-dub the chance for some healthy self-mockery in our generation’s navigation of the ethnic American experience. The oversensitivity of the politicized to perceived racist slights. The impulse to dismiss ethnic stereotyping, while simultaneously mocking those who fit the stereotypes. The resentment of non-“model minority” Chinese Americans, especially those who have older brothers who are doctors. We flavored the script with details from our own lives: the dad who sings Chinese opera while frying the breakfast Spam (mine), the grown man taking lessons at a Chinese school class of kids (Jimmy), the parent who insists everything was invented by the Chinese (all of us). At the same time we were happy to celebrate our pride in being Asian American and our awareness of our roots – in a way that hopefully doesn’t hit everyone over the head. From the start, we have wanted this to be purely fun.

And in its making, PING PONG PLAYA has been that. Our fabulous producer Anne Clements helped us assemble a great crew and great cast of talented, hard workers. We enjoyed each other’s company and worked a little on our ping pong game. If I’ve learned one thing in this process it’s that table tennis is weirdly infectious. And if the movie inspires a few families to bond over the warped table in the garage, I’ll be happy.

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The origins for the original idea for PING PONG PLAYA essentially came from three different sources: 1) the character, Christopher “C-dub” Wang, as conceived by Jimmy Tsai in a series of web commercials; 2) the idea of a ping pong comedy by producer Joan Huang; and 3) director Jessica Yu’s idea to merge the two together. From this kernel of a concept, development on the script began in late 2005 with Jessica and Jimmy writing together.

Approximately one year later and with the addition of producer Anne Clements, PING PONG PLAYA began rounding into shape for production. Several months before pre-production was slated to begin, the production team sought out both training for its actors and consultation on the world of table tennis via a renowned husband-and-wife coaching team with experience in both the worlds of cinema as well as international table tennis competition.

The production team then focused on finding the other key actors to round out the cast. The search for the child actors, especially, proved to be a challenging one, as casting notices were put out in the usual places as well as in open calls and emails targeted towards local area schools and children. Though the first few weeks proved fruitful in finding and narrowing down choices for many of the adult leads, the same process unfortunately proved less fruitful in producing stellar candidates in the key roles of the three main child leads. It was only with just under three weeks left before cameras began rolling that, in a fortuitous coincidence, the production came across undeniable choices for all three child leads.

After the final roles in the cast were filled out in the final week leading up to production, principal photography on PING PONG PLAYA officially commenced in March of 2007, shooting in various locations in and around Los Angeles, California. A complete store front (both interiors and exteriors) for Ping Pong Palace, the Wang family store, was erected in Altadena; a local high school gymnasium in Norwalk stood in for the East Hills tournament location; and the production even participated in an actual parade in the city of Monterey Park to stage the final scene in the movie.

With filming completed in early May, post production immediately commenced, predominantly at facilities in Burbank, California. But the production also went truly international with over seventy CGI ping pong shots being created at Bulky Studios in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Though technically a production accountant, Jimmy Tsai has been creating projects since his early teens, when the order of the day included everything from crime movie spoofs to commercials for the high school swim team. Jimmy’s latest filmmaking efforts include writing/directing another chapter in the THE VENOM SPORTSWEAR AD CAMPAIGN, a multi-media commentary on the state of children’s sports endorsement deals, as well as producing THE KILLING OF A CHINESE COOKIE, a documentary about the history of the fortune cookie. With writer John Choi, Jimmy has been selected as a member of the Fox Television Writer’s Program as well as a quarter-finalist for the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship. In addition to his many creative endeavors, Jimmy has also served as Director of Finance and Development for Cherry Sky Films, Business Development Liaison for SOFA Studio and Production Accountant on several features including Justin Lin’s FINISHING THE GAME and Quentin Lee’s ETHAN MAO.

andrew vo (felix)

At the young age of 11, Andrew Vo has established an impressive list of projects. In 2005, he began his television career with a recurring role as Ming Na’s son on the NBC series “inconceivable.” He has also appeared on several other shows including “Arrested Development,” “My Name is Earl,” and “Til Death.” In addition to his television work, Andrew also starred in the Paramount film YOURS, MINE, AND OURS as the role of “Lau,” one of Rene Russo’s several adopted children. His other film credits include roles in SANTA CLAUSE 3 and MAMA’S BOY.


Khary began his career doing stand-up in New York City. After moving to California he got guest starring roles on “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “The Shield,” “Justice League” and “JAG” before landing a co-starring role on ABC’s “Emily’s Reasons Why Not.” On the feature film side he has starred in HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD for Dimension and DRACULA II: THE ASCENSION. His independent feature credits include SWATTERS, LATTER DAYS and RED TIDE RISING. Khary can also be heard as the voice of Cyborg on Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titans” as well as a plethora of other animated characters.


Jim Lau has been in show business for over twenty five years. His early screen credits include the finale of “MAS*H,” “Little House on the Prairie,” “St. Elsewhere,” “The Fall Guy,” and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, in which he acted and also served as Associate Producer and Martial Arts Consultant for the cult classic. Jim worked in the Hong Kong film industry in the 1980’s and 1990’s where he acted and produced films for Cinema City including one of the all time box office hits ACES GO PLACES III.

His other credits include the recurring role of Mr. Fong in “Everybody Hates Chris,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Rodney,” “The George Lopez Show,” “The Nanny,” “The Simpsons,” “Mad About You,” and “The Larry Sander Show.” He also co-starred in many acclaimed television shows such as “House, MD,” “Boston Legal,” “Monk,” “The Practice,” and “Providence.”


Roger Fan is one of the industry’s most interesting and exciting young actors, redefining the leading man aesthetic through a wide variety of projects and roles on film and on stage. Fan is currently the star of the upcoming Justin Lin comedy, FINISHING THE GAME (a hit at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival), which will have its national, theatrical release on October 2007 in partnership with IFC Films.

Other starring studio film roles include Paramount’s BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, Disney’s ANNAPOLIS, and Touchsone’s CORKY ROMANO. In early 2007, Roger was honored with the “Distinguished Moviemaker Mentor Award” by The Creative Coalition alongside actors Joe Pantoliano and Lea Thompson. Most recently, Roger has just wrapped production on Judd Apatow’s DRILLBIT TAYLOR and Gene Rhee’s romantic comedy, THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE (Cinequest 2007). Roger also co-wrote, co-produced, and starred in the surprise, Sundance comedic hit, THE QUEST FOR LENGTH. While not working on film projects, Roger spends much of his time performing on stage. He has starred in various theatrical productions in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Ireland and works most intimately with the award-winning Lodestone Theatre Ensemble in Los Angeles.


Raised in Hong Kong, Elizabeth graduated from The Juilliard School in New York and was invited to the Alvin Ailey Repertory Dance Theater. Her love of performance led her to train with renowned acting teacher, Sanford Meisner. It wasn’t long before she started working in plays, television, and film. Her memorable performances include THE JOY LUCK CLUB a series regular role on “The Young and the Restless,” as well as recent roles in MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, “Studio 60,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Crossing Jordan,” “House,” and “The Sopranos.”  In 2006 she participated as an actress in the Directors Lab at Sundance. Besides working in front of the camera, Elizabeth holds an MFA in directing from the American Film Institute. In addition, she is an alumna of the prestigious Directing Workshop for Women and was selected for the ABC/DGA Television Directing Fellowship in 2002.


Javin Reid was born in Calcutta, India, and has grown up in Seattle and Los Angeles. He started acting professionally at age 5 in theatre, commercials and student films. Javin has played a hero on NBC’s series “Heroes.” PING PONG PLAYA is his third independent feature film.

smith cho (jennifer)

Smith Cho has an impressive list of acting credits. Culminating a busy pilot season, she booked two series -- as a guest star on the CW's “The World According to Barnes” and as a series regular on ABC's “The Hill.”

Smith's television credits include series regular roles on ABC'S “Emily's Reasons Why Not” with Heather Graham and “MTV's Faking the Video.” Additionally, Smith has made numerous guest appearances in other series including “Entourage,” “Six Feet Under,” “ER,” “House,” “Boston Public” and “The Gilmore Girls,” and has appeared in over thirty national network television commercials.

Smith's other feature film credits include a lead role in David VonAllmen's THE CANTINA BAR TALES, Columbia Pictures' BAD BOYS 2, Silverlake Independent Film Festival winner PIE IN THE SKY and most recently NORBIT, BLADES OF GLORY, THE LAST LULLABY and STARSHIP DAVE.


Peter is best known for his five-year run on the hit Showtime series “Queer as Folk.” He has also appeared in guest-star and recurring roles on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Related,” “Will and Grace,” “Without a Trace,” “Girlfriends,” “Suddenly Susan,” and numerous others. In addition to his television work, Paige is an accomplished regional theatre actor who has performed nearly every genre of play from the Greeks to Shakespeare to contemporary work at major theatres across the country.

His film work includes roles in CHILDSTAR, OUR AMERICA, and the cult favorite POP. As a director, notable credits include ME, MY GUITAR, AND DON HENLEY; FLORA, THE RED MENACE; THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH; TWELFTH NIGHT; and THE ACTOR’S NIGHTMARE. SAY UNCLE, Paige’s directorial debut feature film, stars Kathy Najimy, Anthony Clark, Melanie Lynskey, and Gabrielle Union, and was called, “an engaging and insightful entertainment with considerably more substance than most small-budget, independent… films,” by the LA Times. He is currently directing LEAVING BARSTOW by Kevin Sheridan and with writing partner Bradley Bredeweg has created and sold a one-hour scripted series for E! Entertainment.


Best known for his lead role of Ted Schmidt in Showtime’s groundbreaking series “Queer as Folk” for which he was twice nominated for the Prism Award. Other television credits include various voices on the Fox animated series “American Dad”, “On the Edge” (Showtime), “Alien Fury” (UPN); “Frasier,” “Caroline in the City” and “Early Edition.” Film credits include TO LIVE AND DIE IN DIXIE, PING PONG PLAYA, TRAPPED ASHES, THE DEBTOR$, LOVE BITES, LADIES ROOM LA, DAMNED IF YOU DO and OPUS 27. He recently appeared onstage at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in “The Heidi Chronicles.” Stage credits in Los Angeles include “Present Laughter” (Pasadena Playhouse); “Durang/Durang” (Hollywood Court); “Anna Christie” and “The Caine Mutiny Court-martial” (LA TheatreWorks). Chicago credits include “Light Up The Sky” and “A Christmas Carol” (Goodman Theatre); Picasso in the World Premiere run of Steve Martin’s “Picasso At The Lapin Agile” and “Twelfth Night” (Steppenwolf); 19 different characters in “A Perfect Ganesh” (Northlight); “Laughter On The 23rd Floor” (Briar Street); John Wilkes Booth in the Chicago Premiere of Sondheim’s “Assassins” (Pegasus, Jeff Citation – Production)); “The Chicago Conspiracy Trial” (Remains Theatre); “Much Ado About Nothing” and “King John” (Chicago Shakespeare); the World Premiere of the six-hour “Incorruptible” (Jeff nomination - performance), “Wild Honey” and “Orwell Down And Out” (Bailiwick Rep.). Also a writer, Scott currently resides in Los Angeles.


Stephnie Weir was raised in Texas and attended Odessa Junior College studying theater and broadcasting. Following that she went on to attend Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, were she studied anthropology and women’s studies. As she expanded on her creative talents in Chicago, Ms. Weir performed at the Second City’s Main Stage, the Goodman Theater, and at the ImprovOlympic. She and her husband, Robert Dassie, created a two-person show entitled “WeirDass” that they have performed in New York, Chicago and Edinburgh. Ms. Weir recently performed her one-person show entitled “Slowdeatha, TX” at the Comedy Central Stage.

In Los Angeles, Ms. Weir spent five seasons as a writer/performer on “MADtv” (her final episodes aired last season). She was recently seen on the ABC comedy, “Big Day” (she portrayed the wedding planner, “Lorna”). In film, Ms. Weir appeared recently in FUN WITH DICK AND JANE and stars in several upcoming independent features, MOONPIE, EDEN COURT, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS as well as PING PONG PLAYA.

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JESSICA YU (Writer/Director)

Jessica Yu is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She won the 1997 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short for BREATHING LESSONS: THE LIFE AND WORK OF MARK O’BRIEN, an intimate portrait of the writer who lived for four decades paralyzed by polio and confined to an iron lung. She also won an Emmy and a Cable Ace Award for Best Documentary Director.

Yu’s current documentary, PROTAGONIST, looks at extremism through the lives of a spectrum of individuals. Funded by the Carr Foundation, it premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim and will be released theatrically later in the year by IFC Films and Netflix. It also won the Grand Jury Prize at the Atlanta Film Festival.

IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL, Yu’s celebrated feature documentary about the enigmatic “outsider” artist Henry Darger, premiered at Sundance and went on to win Best Documentary at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival, Best Editing at the Atlanta Film Festival and a Gotham Award nomination for Best Documentary. She was also nominated for the WGA for Documentary Screenplay. Released nationally by Wellspring Films and broadcast on PBS’ series, P.O.V., REALMS was shortlisted for Academy Award nomination, and nominated for P.O.V.’s first Primetime Emmy Award.

Yu’s film THE LIVING MUSEUM, the award-winning HBO documentary about an art community in a New York mental institution, premiered at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival and was shortlisted for Academy Award nomination. She has also created a diverse group of shorts, which includes the popular SOUR DEATH BALLS, which has been featured at over 60 film festivals.

As the first director selected for the John Wells Diversity Program, she has directed episodes of the NBC dramas “The West Wing,” and “ER,” as well as other shows including ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” She also directs commercials with nonfiction spots of Santa Monica. PING PONG PLAYA is her narrative feature debut.


Though technically a production accountant, Jimmy Tsai has been creating projects since his early teens, when the order of the day included everything from crime movie spoofs to commercials for the high school swim team. Jimmy’s latest filmmaking efforts include writing/directing another chapter in the THE VENOM SPORTSWEAR AD CAMPAIGN, a multi-media commentary on the state of children’s sports endorsement deals, as well as producing THE KILLING OF A CHINESE COOKIE, a documentary about the history of the fortune cookie. With writer John Choi, Jimmy has been selected as a member of the Fox Television Writer’s Program as well as a quarter-finalist for the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship. In addition to his many creative endeavors, Jimmy has also served as Director of Finance and Development for Cherry Sky Films, Business Development Liaison for SOFA Studio and Production Accountant on several features including Justin Lin’s FINISHING THE GAME and Quentin Lee’s ETHAN MAO.


In 2006 she produced the feature film QUINCEAÑERA which went on to win numerous awards including the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, Humanitas Prize and the John Cassavetes Award for Best Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards. The film was released by Sony Pictures Classics. Along with QUINCEAÑERA co-director Wash Westmoreland she produced the documentaries “Totally Gay!” for Vh1 and “Gay Republicans” for Trio. “Gay Republicans” went on to win the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the AFI Film Festival and is out on home video. Aside from PING PONG PLAYA she recently executive produced the feature film SHELTER written and directed by Jonah Markowitz which is being distributed by Regent Releasing and here! Films.

JOAN HUANG (producer)

Since establishing Cherry Sky Films in 2001, Joan has been involved with a number of feature films, documentaries, and shorts, including Justin Lin's BETTER LUCK TOMORROW (co-producer) as well as his comedy set in the 70s FINISHING THE GAME (executive producer) which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and hits theaters this fall;  the heartwarming TO YOU SWEETHEART, ALOHA (executive producer) which won the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival Audience Award, ETHAN MAO (associate producer/casting director), an independent feature by writer/director Quentin Lee;  the skyPod shorts (executive producer), short films by six different filmmakers about iPods; and the Taiwanese action comedy feature film CATCH (executive producer) starring Golden Horse award winner Tony Yang.

Joan is excited to collaborate with Jessica Yu after co-producing IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL. Currently, Joan splits her time between Los Angeles and Taipei, and is developing and seeking projects for Cherry Sky Films to produce in the US and Asia.


His producing credits include over 25 movies for television, features, mini-series, and cable productions such as THE JUNCTION BOYS, DISAPPEARANCE, FIRST DAUGHTER, THE LAST DANCE, THE BALLAD OF LUCY WHIPPLE, PANDORA’S CLOCK, THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR, THE SUBSTITUTE WIFE, MISSION OF THE SHARK, and STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY. He recently produced THE PERFECT GAME, with Clifton Collins, Cheech Marin, and Lou Gossett, Jr. It is the inspirational true story of the 1957 Monterrey, Mexico Little League team who becomes the first non-American team to win the Little League World Series. In 2005, he line produced David Mamet’s EDMOND, with William H. Macy and Julia Stiles which went on to win raves at the Venice Film Festival. He executive produced the feature film ADAM & STEVE, starring Craig Chester, Chris Kattan, and Parker Posey.

frank g. demarco (Cinematographer)

Frankie DeMarco has worked as a director of photography on over a dozen feature and documentary films. His most recent project is Academy Award Winner Jessica Yu’s PING PONG PLAYA Frankie’s other recent projects include Warner Brothers’ SPRING BREAKDOWN directed by Ryan Shiraki , John Cameron Mitchell’s controversial SHORTBUS and Tom DiCillo’s DELIRIOUS

Frankie’s cinematography on HABIT and HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH was nominated for Independent Spirit Awards. The documentary THEREMIN: AN ELECTRONIC ODYSSEY won the Sundance Filmmaker’s Trophy Award and many international awards. HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH won Best Director and the Audience Award at Sundance and numerous other awards internationally. Most recently Frankie just completed filming episodes of the AMC/Lion’s Gate TV show “Mad Men.”


Based in Los Angeles, Zene Baker graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking where he formed a long-standing friendship and collaboration with David Gordon Green, going on to edit the critically acclaimed films GEORGE WASHINGTON, ALL THE REAL GIRLS, and UNDERTOW.  Zene also edited Jody Hill’s outrageous feature debut comedy, THE FOOT FIST WAY, to be released later this year. In addition to Jessica Yu’s PING PONG PLAYA, Zene edited THE BABYSITTERS by director David Ross, which is also in the lineup at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.  Most recently, Zene collaborated with actor/director John Krasinski on his feature directing debut, BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN.


Denise Hudson attended UC Berkeley and spent the next few years traveling the world studying fashion and theater design. Hudson completed a Masters Degree in design at the Yale School of Drama and then began a film career on the west coast. As an art director, she worked on such films as AUSTIN POWERS, BLUE CRUSH and HBO’s 61*. She began her work as a production designer with QUINCEAÑERA, the much acclaimed indie film and winner of the Sundance Audience and Jury Award 2006. Since then she has production designed the independent features SHELTER, RAIN, and THE PERFECT GAME. She was thrilled to get a chance to work again with producer Anne Clements, and for the first time with director Jessica Yu on the joyful PING PONG PLAYA.

Jessica Flaherty (Costume Designer)

Originally from the east coast, Jessica moved to LA to pursue a career in film production. At 18, she began her first production job on Sony’s SPIDER-MAN under the guidance of Sam Raimi and Laura Ziskin. Her passion for styling and fashion design led her to her work on Showtime’s “The L Word”, season 2 as co- fashion consultant. Jessica has costume designed several independent features including the 2006 Sundance Jury and Audience Award winnerQUINCEAÑERA, REPO and HIGH HOPES which is being released by Lions Gate.


Emmy award winning composer Jeff Beal has has scored over 60 projects for film and television, including  Ed Harris’ critically acclaimed directorial debut, POLLOCK  Jessica Yu's lauded documentaries PROTAGONIST and IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL, HBO's moody western series “Carnivale” and their epic series “Rome,” as well as the theme and underscore for television series “Ugly Betty” and “Monk.” Recent film projects include the scores for the independent features WHERE GOD LEFT HIS SHOES (starring John Leguziamo), HE WAS A QUIET MAN (starring Christian Slater & William H. Macy) and director Phillip Haas' Iraq war drama THE SITUATION.  Beal composed the scores for eight short films of the Stephen King anthology series “Nightmares & Dreamscapes” for TNT, and also recently scored TNT's new miniseries, “The Company” (produced by Ridley Scott). His concert music has been performed by many leading orchestras and conductors, including the St. Louis, Rochester, Pacific, Frankfurt, Munich, and Detroit Symphonies. Beal is presently composing the score for director Al Pacino's new feature film SALOMAYBE?

Shaun Young (Music Supervisor)

Shaun Young started his career writing entertainment and music pieces for several nationally published magazines. He then moved on to do Acquisitions, Marketing and Publicity for the new media company QuickBand Networks.  In 2000, he began his feature film work on CAST AWAY and went on to work on such projects as SPIDER-MAN, HULK, CAT IN THE HAT, SPANGLISH, BEWITCHED, WORLD TRADE CENTER and LIONS FOR LAMBS.  In 2005 Shaun music supervised the Sundance award winning featureQUINCEAÑERA.Since then, he has music supervised and consulted several pilots and independent features including PING PONG PLAYA.


Jason Wood has cast many noteworthy and award winning projects and is

known for his great instincts and a truly creative approach. In

television, he cast the pilot of “Monk” which led to multiple Emmy wins

for Tony Shalhoub as well as a Golden Globe nomination for his co-star,

Bitty Schramm. He has cast projects for all major network. He most

recently completed two pilots, “To Love And Die In L.A” for USA and for

ABC, “Samantha Who?” starring Christina Applegate and Jean Smart; both

of which have been ordered to series.

In features, Mr. Wood cast the Sundance winning feature,

QUINCEAÑERA which was executive produced by Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven), SHELTER

which won the 2007 Outfest HBO Audience Award. He is currently working on NEWS OF THE WORLD executive produced by Alexander Payne and HONEYSUCKLE BLUES on which he is a co-producer.CHERRY SKY FILMS (PRODUCTION COMPANY)

Established in 2001 by Joan Huang and Jeffrey Gou, Cherry Sky Films was founded to develop, produce, and co-finance independent films for international audiences. Cherry Sky Films also aims to work with both emerging and established Asian and Asian American filmmakers and talent to bring more varied and in-depth Asian American characters and projects to the screen.

Since its inception, Cherry Sky Films has produced several critically-acclaimed independent films and documentaries as well as numerous shorts that have played the gamut of film festivals across the nation. Cherry Sky Films' first co-production, BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, was acquired by MTV Films at its 2002 Sundance debut, and its opening weekend in April 2003 garnered the distinction of highest grossing film per screen. IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL, a documentary feature directed by Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Jessica Yu, was short-listed for an Academy Award after its 2004 Sundance debut.

Currently, Cherry Sky Films has a slate of several projects in development and production, as well as films on the festival circuit, among them:  FINISHING THE GAME, Justin Lin's comedy set in the 70s about the search for the next Bruce Lee; THE KILLING OF A CHINESE COOKIE, a documentary that unravels the mystery of the fortune cookie; and COYOTE SLEEPS, a crime drama centering on border crossing and human trafficking.

Cherry Sky Films also has a strategic alliance with Taiwan-based sister companies Three Dots Entertainment and Serenity Entertainment International to produce commercial, independent films in Taiwan for worldwide audiences as well as to acquire and distribute films theatrically for Taiwan audiences.

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