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  • video

    Monday, Oct 10, 2011 5:14PM / Members only

    hi guys

    i am on video check it out



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  • ufo art gallery

    Thursday, May 13, 2010 2:08PM / Members only

    great show on at UFO right now http://ufoartgallery.com/

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  • posted on Monday, Apr 30, 2012 10:22PM  [Report]
  • Official artist 
    posted on Thursday, Dec 22, 2011 11:06PM  [Report]
    M3GA <3
  • Official artist 
    posted on Sunday, Dec 18, 2011 12:33AM  [Report]
    Hey Phil I saw your work ages ago at UFO - looks awesome! Anyway I just wanted to give you a shout as I have a new artist AND profile. Got alot more to come on the blog so feel free to check it out if you have the time. Hope youre well!
  • Official artist 
    posted on Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011 1:00PM  [Report]
    Hey, I need your help to by Myanmar Indie music on the map, check this out and share it among friends and family.


    I did the cover design for their upcoming album by the way, cheers
  • Official artist 
    posted on Sunday, Nov 13, 2011 3:06PM  [Report]
    Are you enjoying your weekend ? : ]
  • posted on Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011 11:54AM  [Report]
    how are you !
  • Official artist 
    posted on Monday, Apr 11, 2011 7:31PM  [Report]
    Hi thanks Phil, I'm sure I'll be able to make it tomorrow night, see you there
  • Official artist 
    posted on Sunday, Feb 20, 2011 12:08AM  [Report]
    Hey Phil,
    Shame I didnt get to catch you at Sonya's exhibition - shes passed me one of your sculptures which I have right now and told me about your project, also forwarded the initial email. Thanks for the invite on it - hope to do something awesome!
    Anything more I should know let me know!
  • posted on Sunday, Jan 30, 2011 5:09PM  [Report]
    cool. thanks for stopping by my page! let me know when you have another show coming. also if you have any advice for breaking into the hk art scene id love to hear it
  • posted on Thursday, Dec 30, 2010 1:27AM  [Report]
    Happy New Years from everyone at alivenotdead.com!
  • posted on Saturday, Oct 23, 2010 4:43AM  [Report]
    Hey man - saw some of your stuff in UFO gallery... love it! really brilliant work
  • posted on Monday, Aug 9, 2010 8:19AM  [Report]
    ٩(••)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃• )۶ ٩͡[๏̯͡๏]۶,Oh, my God
  • Official artist 
    posted on Tuesday, Jul 13, 2010 4:44PM  [Report]
    Great! I'll be there!
  • Official artist 
    posted on Sunday, Jul 11, 2010 5:12PM  [Report]
    Cool, Phil, let me know where it is. :)
  • Official artist 
    posted on Saturday, Jul 10, 2010 2:33PM  [Report]
    cool, let me know what you think and good luck with the show!
  • Official artist 
    posted on Thursday, Jul 1, 2010 12:46AM  [Report]
    Hi Phil,

    Good to see you on AnD and it was really nice meeting you at ufo! Thanks for buying the painting. :)
  • Official artist 
    posted on Monday, Jun 28, 2010 6:41PM  [Report]
    welcome, really cool stuff, check out my style

    thanks for sharing!
  • posted on Friday, Jun 11, 2010 5:22PM  [Report]
    welcome to alivenotdead.com!
  • posted on Saturday, Jun 5, 2010 9:31PM  [Report]
  • Official artist 
    posted on Friday, Jun 4, 2010 11:18AM  [Report]
    Welcome Phil. like your Moa picture with Micky...have fun here... :)
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  • Phil Hayes an Australian born Artist now living in Hong Kong has been involved in making art since the early eighties....


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