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有趣的新宣傳品 - 零食尺 / Interesting New Promotion Item - Snacks Ruler

剛剛為一間食品公司製作了有趣的宣傳品, 這是一條紙製的尺, 完全是正確的比例, 上面畫有幾種零食並包含其名字及尺寸, 當然亦有頑皮的 bossanova 在其中. 日後更會有不同的宣傳品出現, 敬請期待. :D

*現在惠顧 "正隆行食品有限公司 - 線上店" 任何貨品, 就可以得到一把 "零食尺" 了, 詳細請到他們的專頁及雅虎拍賣頁看看 :D

i did make a new promotion Item for a foods company , that is a ruler in a normal scale, and there are those snacks illustration with size & name, and bossanove also in there, will make more different type of promotion Item at the future, plz to look forward for, thank you :D

*From now, when u buy anything from "Zhing Nong Hong E-shop", u can get the "Snacks Ruler", go to visit their Facebook Own Page & Yahoo! Bid Page for more detail :D

正隆行食品有限公司 Facebook 專頁

Zhing Nong Hong Facebook Own Page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/zheng-long-xing-shi-pin-you-xian-gong-si/142377575802751


Zhing Nong Hong Yahoo! Bid Page http://hk.user.auctions.yahoo.com/hk/user/bobochan2000?u=bobochan2000

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Photo 42904
このruler 欲しいよ~
over 9 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to ヨーコー, 次は post card :D ヨーコーはこのruler好き ? これは "Zhing Nong Hong E-shop" のギフトです, すべての商品ひとつを買いでいい. なにも商品欲しいくないから, will send to by post with the new year post card。 :D
over 9 years ago
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え ほんと?
over 9 years ago
Photo 42904
do you want to get any stuff from Japan?
over 9 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to ヨーコー, ほんとです :D do you want to get any stuff from Japan? << i have no idea right now, will tell u when i know what i want :D (actually i want to be the popular one ~ XD)
over 9 years ago
Photo 42904
ok. am waiting for your PM. its Xmas!!
over 9 years ago
Photo 43865
about 9 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to 阿術, 沒問題, 把妳的地址 PM 給我吧 :D
about 9 years ago


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