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為最新大提琴演奏會製作宣傳品 | Create Promotion Item for New Cello Concert



在下剛剛為 [中國大提琴愛樂] 在香港舉行的重奏音樂會製作一系列的宣傳品, 包括海報, 明信片及場刊, 是次音樂會題目為 [大提琴.盛宴], 由國內知名大提琴家朱亦兵教授帶領一眾成員為大家演出中西名曲, 海報設計亦以中國故官及西方建築結合, 代表是次音樂會所演奏的曲風中西文化交匯, 亦表達了朱亦兵教授受中西文化所薰陶, 奏出令人感動的樂章.

如果您在香港, 希望您不會錯過他的精彩演出 :D

I just finish the design & printing of [China Philharmonic Cellists]'s concert in Hong Kong, i didi make a collection of poster, post card & programme, this time the title is [Cello Banquet], famous cello artist from china - Professor Chu Yi Bing will put on a show with members, they will perform most great Chinese East & West music, so i did design the image at the poster with the Chinese palace mix the Europe palace, that's present the style of music at this concert, and present Professor Chu Yi Bing to do East & West music Well.

If you are in Hong Kong, wish u won't miss the great cello concert like this :D


朱亦兵教授簡介 :




Info. about Professor Chu Yi Bing

Prize winner of the 42nd Concours International d'Exécution Musicale in Geneva

Head of the cello discipline at the Central Conservatory of Music China


日期 : 二OO九年三月二十五日 (星期三)

時間 : 晚上八時正

票價 : HK$80, HK$100, HK$120

集體購票優惠 :

購買 4-9 張門票九折優惠

購買 10-19  張門票八五折優惠

購買 20 張或以上門票八折優惠


購票熱線:31 288 288

節目查詢 : 2377 9875

網上購票 : www.hkticketing.com


Academic Community Hall

Date : 25 March 2009 (Wed)

Time : 20:00

Ticket Price : HK$80, HK$100, HK$120

Group Purchase :

4-9 tickets 10% off

10-19 tickets 15% off

20 or above tickets 20% off

Tickets are now available at HK Ticketing box offices

and all Tom Lee Music Stores.

Ticket Purchase Hotline : 31 288 288

Programme Enquiry : 2377 9875

Internet Booking : www.hkticketing.com



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Photo 51719
nice job. too bad i don't live in hk :T. looks like a good event though.
over 11 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to molich : o .... that's must a good event ... but anyway , thz for your attention on it :D may be next time when u are in HK , i will recommend some great event to u :D
over 11 years ago
Photo 36174
(*^__^*) 嘻嘻…… 中西合璧
over 11 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to cici : 對呀 :D
over 11 years ago
Photo 42904
nice worl. mixed up with tradition and modern,Asian and European as you mentioned.
over 11 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to cici : 對呀 :D
over 11 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to yoko : thz thz , seems i am success to present the meaning of this :D , yeah !
over 11 years ago
Photo 99117
It's interesting balance! I like it!! Good job, Patrick!!(^^)v
over 11 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to koko : thz thz :D , i wish can be better & more creative at next time.
over 11 years ago
Photo 268341
挺想看的,但是我不再香港啊…… 我想去上海东方艺术中心看魔术,或者是爵士乐演奏,学生票只要40,50哦!真好真好
over 11 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to sylvia : ha ha, 沒關係啦, 看看海報感受一下也可以. 希望他們會推出 DVD 吧. 那個時候就可以看到了. :D
over 11 years ago
Photo 405894
over 11 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to ritaapple : ha ha , 我的設計多半有點偏向日本風 (東方 / 亞洲) :D 希望妳會喜歡
over 11 years ago


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