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身邊的事 (2011 春) / those things around (2011 Spring)

朋友們, 我還在啊, 只是近來身體都不太健康, 所以出現次數不多, 現在我又再次出現了 :D.

Dear all, i am still alive not dead, it just not well for me recently , but now i think i am totally recover, so i am show up again :D

木瓜菜絲蕃茄沙拉, 賣相味道皆負分 .... 意料中事

i did make a salad, not look well & taste not that good, but i can "make it" :P

圖中為 "無酒精啤酒" , 喝下去味道真的跟啤酒很像, 可是全無醉意.....

我完全想不到有什麼人會喜歡 ...

that is no alcohol beer, taste like beer , but ...... feeling not so right ...

i don't know that who like to drink this ....

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The salad looks quite artistic... :D
about 9 years ago
Photo 99117
So many Japanese words!! =D
about 9 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
re Zada, ha ha , thz :D and that's taste so healthy (not taste good)
about 9 years ago
Photo 99117
Hope you're getting well soon! Take care, Patrick!! =)
about 9 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
re koko, ha ha , that's my shirt, i was used for background
about 9 years ago


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