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《摩登家庭》05/2011 我的專欄 / My column at《MH》Magazine 05/2011 / 2011 年五月號《摩登家庭》におれのコラム。

《摩登家庭》05/2011  我的專欄, 內容有關在惡運纏身之下, 苦不堪言的情況..


My column at《MH》Magazine 05/2011, told about the story when trap in the bad luck .  

05/2011 號《摩登家庭》におれのコラム, こんかいは, おれの運は悪いときに, ふこうもの語り。


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Oh! Poor Bossanova... What's the matter with you?
about 9 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
re koko, _ sometime i have bad luck period, meet many bad things ..... :'( , i had wrote what happen with me in the article. ~
about 9 years ago


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