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Happy Chinese New Year to ALL AnDs :D

昨夜在各手機通訊 apps 接連收到各方好友的新年祝賀, 可惜昨天工作太累, 比較早睡, 所以回 msg 時也是半睡半醒的, 都不知道自己說了甚麼 .....

現在正式跟大家拜個年, 祝大家馬年事事順景, 心想事成

送上賀年手機 wallpaper , 希望大家喜歡 :D

i am so happy becox last night got many msg from my fds, but yesterday too tired so i was sleep early, then i don't know what i am reply at last night XD

is time to say Happy Chinese New Year to ALL my AnDs fds, wish u all can get everything u want in horse year.

and the following is wallpaper for cellphone , wish u like :D


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