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money cant buy quality?

i am a chinese, in certain way, you can even call me a very traditional chinese. however. no matter how strong the financial growth in china are these days, i still dont foresee this country to become the biggest country in the world. not in the next 20 - 30 years.

the other day, i was watching a TV programme, shoot in some country-side of china, the theme is the "one child policy". this farmer's family has their first-born girl few years ago and this year, they have another baby boy. actually, they are qualified for a second child (i dont know what exactly the policy goes, it didnt explain much on the programme) but the father did not fill out the application before they have the child, so, he is charged with a penalty, something like 19,000 CYN. which is quite a lot of money to a farmer family in china. of course, they did not have the money to pay the penalty. as a result, the people from the "one child policy" government unit went to their house and beat them up and took away their farming tools. without the tools, they cant work, which means, not even be able to earn the money for the penalty, they will have problems on the living costs as well.

this is very sad, very sad. when you live in a country that you cant allow to have as many babies that you want, that sucks. i know "birth control" is a very strong issue that the country has to work on but this should be carried out in an educational way, advertising way...etc. not by force. second of all, when it comes to penalty, if someone cannot pay the lump sum in one time, there are always many other plans to work out the instalment. why take away someone"s living tools????

if the country dont have the freedom for people to speak, good edcation system, freewill to persuade its own dream...etc. this will never be a place that people want to live in. as far as i know, USA is still the strongest country in the world because they allow all kind of freedom - a good quality freedom which allow people to do whatever they want. just like the cartoon "south park", see how many celebrities and politicans they make fun of? can that ever happen in China??


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That's horrible. The Chinese govt is cruel.
almost 12 years ago
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I didn't realize things were that bad. How awful!!
almost 12 years ago
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the situation varies from countries. yeah, what they done for the farmers was somewhat unreasonable, but it all depended on the country situation. for freedom part, US also has its problems due to the larger extent for freedom. we cannot say who is right or who is wrong. everything has two sides and chinese actually is trying to make it stronger and better!
almost 12 years ago
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I want the others to help the translation, only then found byinspection your article to say any.
almost 12 years ago
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It's a hard debate, I don't agree with the fine, but I do see why the policy exists. Education is good but not the best of control methods. It's a terrible shame what is happening to the children and I do think that because of the rule, that being able to adopt the children from China should be an easier process, afterall every child deserves love. America and Europe has Freedom problems too, we are not aways as free as it looks, dictatorship rules us, Bush was not wanted back in America but got back in on the election, England did not want war but Blair went anyway, unfortunately I don't think any country has true freedom. It is a terrible shame when policies like the one child rule have to exist.
almost 12 years ago
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hmmm.... looks like the chinese government has some improvements to make. watch out- your blog may be "censored" and not allowed on some sites in china (if they read your blog content and "dislike" it)! my best friend who used to work in china told me that she couldn't access certain internet sites sometimes! =/
almost 12 years ago
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That is such crap! I don't understand what beating up the family and taking the tools away is going to accomplish? I understand that China is facing an over population issue, but this incident is just so unreasonable. Education is definitely a major factor in helping people understand the whole one child policy and birth control, but then again, who is to say everyone will follow the rule? There is a reason why there are so many orphans in China (and every where else in the world).
almost 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i understand the need to control the population there, but this doesn't seem like a very good way of doing it....
almost 12 years ago
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Hi Patricia We do agree your sensible opinion. May be take longest time to let our country to improve it
over 11 years ago
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the one child policy has been in effect for a long time. many babies were abandoned when the parents found out they were gonna have a girl. how sad. and yes, overpopulation is a major issue and these ppl need major health and preventive measures. and education is the key. in america, there's a freedom of speech but freedom isn't always free. and many obstacles have to be overcomed too. china although is slowly progressing, it still needs a lot of work. on another note, i LUV south park. <><
over 11 years ago
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你好,真的不想用一种过激的态度与言语来评论你这篇文章的观点,但忍不住的要拍块砖。 你不相信中国未来的强大,实在是因为你的无知、目光短浅、坐井观天,看问题一叶障目。 你根本不知道中国的历史,你也不晓得中国背负着怎样的历史屈辱,在怎样的落后环境中建设、发展、强大起来的,因为无知,所以你没有自豪感! 至于人口问题,是许多人口学家、社会学家、经济学家等经过反复讨论研究得出的结论,不能说是对的或是错的,只能说是适合中国国情的,事实已经证明了这一点。做为一个坐井观天的人,我想你是不能够从治理一个国家的战略高度来看待这个问题的。 所有的结果,都是需要一个过程的,我相信中国会越来越强大,这并不是盲目的信仰,因为我已经看到世界在因为中国而发生着变化。 说一个最不值一提的,《变形金刚》里,当美军受到不明事物侵袭时,指出有这样技术的国家中国也在其中(否定原因是中国人很温和,不具攻击性的脾性)。 我相信有为数不少的香港人都对中国大陆很不屑一顾,如果你仅是一个模特也就算了,但我见你还是名电视节目主持人,一个对大众传播有影响力的人,我才不得不说的。 (相信你看得懂我的中文,我也看懂了你的英文)
over 11 years ago
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dear Zhoulee you are a bit over-reacting. i did not say i dont believe china will grow into the biggest country in the world. all i am saying is that - it still takes time. and i believe you are definitely from china because you sound like one. without knowing someone's background, you already "bah bah bah". trust me, my chinese history is not as bad as you think. i can read chinese very well, i just dont know how to type them fast. critisim is important and i am glad you share yours. thank you.
over 11 years ago
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over 11 years ago
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although the one child policy is very cruel to many people, if you want to control well this country, this is the best way to solve the population problem. maybe we always cant understand why people do this in such a way, try to trust them, they have their own reason and we just never notice about it. on the other hand, they also very sorry to do that. but they have no choose...
over 11 years ago
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well, china is definitely rising. but we also have to take into consideration, this will not last forever. judging from the rate now, i think it's more or less a safe estimate to say that china will only only "dominate" the world in say 20 -30 yrs? the east might be rich already, but what about the rest of china? china's huge population will indeed be the greatest challenge to becoming a powerful nation. if china has to resort to using harsh measures like the one child policy, then she has got to be prepared to accept criticisms from human right groups. you can't always make it seem like china is the victim when in a way u did ask for it can u? there's nothing wrong with having national pride, but i believe we should be more objective when we view things.
about 11 years ago


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