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cats killer

one of my daily habbit is read the newspaper either in morning or at night, no matter what, i need to read the newspaper everyday. but then, reading newspaper everyday, makes you feel sad, angry, frustrated...etc. this morning when i saw how that crazy cats killer killed the cats. i am so angry and sad. how can any sick bastard do things like this to poor animals. those cats already dont have home, live on the streets, eating rubbish from the garbage, probably fleas are all on them, ...etc. i just cant imagine any asshole could have done that. this is really really cruel!!!

in moment like this, you start to think about more, more questions? if there is a god, is he really watching us? what those innocent cats did to brought this on them? if god really have a bigger plan behind all these, pls let us know as soon as possible - what is the plan? why keep it so long and cant share with us?

i am going to be a good person and try to have faith in him until one day, when i can really get to heaven, i want to ask him all these questions?

No pain, no gain. but the pain is so painful and no matter what you going to gain at the end, still wont be able to compensate the pain, god, pls use an easier way to teach us pls.


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hello Miss Liu, i understand where you're coming from, with all the cruelty in this world its kind of hard to believe that there is a higher power at times...but its good to maintain faith, he gave us free will some use it for good and some for bad... some people have lost their conscience, or maybe they just haven't been taught right from wrong, some people just have that need for power, they like to feel in control so they pick on those that can't defend themself in order to make them feel more powerful, so many different reasons why people do the things they do but only one knows the one true answer and thats the person themself...life is one big learning experiance, its not always easy, and sometimes theres no other way to learn the lessons that need to be taught but the hard way... i agree that those cats didnt deserve their fate, but maybe it could open the eyes of people to the true harsh realities of everyday life... take it easy
almost 12 years ago
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hi pat, first wanted to welcome u here. great to see more artists are signing up. on another note, i cant accept the fact that ppl can be so cruel sometimes especially toward someone or something so innocent and defenseless. but yes, god has a plan for everyone and i do believe everything happens for a reason. often times we're ready to blame god for something men did. and as gajo mentioned of free will, for me it is something very hard to comprehend initially. and i'm pretty sure i have lots of questions to ask god (tho i quite know the answer to some already) when i see him face to face. :0) <><
almost 12 years ago
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I share the same feelings as you, animal cruelty is one thing I cannot abide, I had to stop reading my newspaper because I cried so much when i heard stories like these and could not forget the images and anger I felt. God gave us all conscience, a move the devil once told him he would regret. So much pain seems to go unpunished in this life, but hopefully they will suffer in the next.
almost 12 years ago
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It's sad that people would do such things to poor animals. But all we can do is to look at this situation and learn from it. There's nothing we can do because simply.. we can not control other people's thoughts and actions. But one thing we do control is our own. And hopefully, we will choose the morally right choices. I, too, have a lot of questions I want to ask God, but I guess we'll just have to wait for that day.
almost 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
that is horrible! =(
almost 12 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
those cat-killing rat bastards! i personally don't like cats but never in a million years would i consider slaughtering a cat. i've read sing tao a few years ago and there was an article about this really beautiful-looking lady. she was in her 40s who looked like she was in her late 20's. she caused a huge controversy in china when she showed photos of herself stepping on a baby cat with her high heels. it is really cruel and unusual to be seen. i was even reading in complete disgust. i wish sing tao would, at least, show a common courtesy of leaving the photos in mosaic effect. absolutely horrible!
almost 12 years ago
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well this is life....... and everything on the newspaper is bad news.. except for the sports section
almost 12 years ago
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Hi Patricia You are a very kind actress,hope to see you on TV screen all the time. Call back at your most convinient, thanks
almost 12 years ago
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That's horrible! I don't know how they died, which I can do without, and reading it made me want to run home and hug my cat that I got from an animal shelter. I did want to say there is a God, who's just as angry (more actually) at the things that people willfully sinfully choose to do. There will be justice one day. As for me, I look to the Bible for comfort when it seems to much to bear...
almost 12 years ago
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Hi Patricia!! seen u in many TVB movies :) Yeah, those aweful people who hurt animals are cowards and deserve the worst punishment!! Its a shame they have to prey on these helpless innocent animals!!
almost 12 years ago
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Welcome to AnD! I try to read the news everyday too, but sometimes it's just really depressing. There are so many horrible and cruel things happening everyday it's sickening.
almost 12 years ago
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Some times really thought the person to the animal is such feelingattached to, why treats the human compatriots such to be brutal? Verymany matters we all should reconsider!
almost 12 years ago
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sometimes,i feel animal is more important than human being in my heart.... once i seen a dog met a car accident, it made me have no appetite that day and ate nothing.....i have seen some car accidents before, but i forgot it quickly. i always think if one person met a car accident,coz of his careless..if an animal met a car accident, coz of the driver's careless....
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