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A True Friend!|真正的朋友!|真正的朋友!

A good friend will bail you out of the jail......But a true friend will be sitting next to you Saying We Screwed Up but we had FUN! Happy Friendship week to all of you | 一個好朋友會把你從監獄中保釋出來......但是一個真正的朋友會坐在你身邊,說我們把事情搞砸了,但是我們很開心! 祝大家友誼周快樂!| 一个好朋友会把你从监狱中保释出来......但是一个真正的朋友会坐在你身边,说我们把事情搞砸了,但是我们很开心! 祝大家友谊周快乐!

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hahah very true! reminds me a bit of "the hangover".
over 10 years ago
Photo 5614
good quote! Happy Friendship week.. =)
over 10 years ago


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