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About Nimchi Yuen

Nimchi Yuen is an artist who celebrates the madness and the ambiguity of life with all its darkness and pervertion with bold, colourful and striking imagery. Born in Hong Kong. But ten days after she was was born, she and her mum went to Holland to join her father and they stayed in Holland. She came back to Hong Kong after Art College in Canterbury in the UK.

She has been exhibiting her work at Opera Gallery in their galleries in Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Paris between 2005 and 2007. Previously she had exhibition with galleries such as Art Scene China and LKF the Gallery both in Hong Kong and Agora Gallery in New York. And other exhibition at the Fringe Club such as ‘Illusionistic Realiy’, ‘There is always a Blue Sky’, ‘Serious Rabbits and Confrontation’, and ‘Bad Art’. At the Moment she is with Karin Weber's gallery.

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Languages Spoken english, cantonese
Location Hong Kong
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English Name Nimchi Yuen
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english, cantonese
Hong Kong
November 25, 2007

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