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香港游擊show Guerrillas Gig Hong Kong

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKbIMx20Sso

野狗作品 a film by the wildogdirected, filmed and edited by wildog觀塘,是樂隊在香港的集中地。世界正在動盪中,香港的樓價卻日益飆升。政府為了發展,實行活化觀塘工廈,令觀塘租金再上一層樓,變相趕絕樂隊。早已不敵商業音樂的獨立樂隊們百上加斤,沒有生存空間。樂隊之前舉辦免費的游擊show有聲有色,有見及此,政府亦想為推動觀塘音樂文化;卻沒有認真去了解團體的真正需要,自欺欺人,膚淺地,隨便地在當日舉辦音樂會,而遭到大部份樂隊拒絕。拒絕妥協,堅持理想,樂隊自發舉辦免費游擊show,繼續為音樂夢努力。支持本地獨立音樂,支持真音樂!Kwun Tong, where most of the Hong Kong Indie Bands live. While the world is shaky and unstable, rent raise unnormally. For more and more developments are going in Kwun Tong by the government, rent kept raising and bands die as a result. Also as the commercial music had monopolized the market long long ago, there is no space for indie band. The indie bands had hold some Guerrillas Gigs with great reputation some times ago. The government knew it and tried to do the same thing to promote music culture. However, without knowing the community's need, the government tried hold a meaningless music show and refused by the most of the invited bands. Refused to compromise, insist to fight for the dream, the indies bands hold the show for free. Support local indie muisc, support true music!performersstage a留Downer 李懿蹙tuxTopsy Wave黃衍仁Fragile意色樓Stoic Strangersstage bTHE PRICELESS BOAT 烏托邦 SOUL OF EARS APPHIA拾荒者NEMOWINSIDEJOKES和諧PROTOSS stage c (raggae dj)Rayshizzle Groove Thief BloodDunza + A Guest

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