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taking pic is a drug

let me introduce the camera i am using.

Here it is.

my Fe is in all black


The Nikon FE. Nothing anything special. I bought this camera because I got a lens, the 50mm one from my filming gear, wihich can fit in the FE body. It's a used camera I bought from Sham Shui Po, the camera shop at the end of Ap Liu Street. The owner is a nice guy and he has all the information you need. And he doesn't really care if you buy or not, bu he talks a lot, no matter about camera or not. That's why I need wait for about 10-15 mins everytime i wanna talk to him. We talked about the camera about 30 mins. And I trusted him to get this camera, he said it's great for beginner. So I bought it!

When I paid, the camera became mine. He asked me to choose a strap and passed it to me. Since it's a used camera, there is no box and stuff. He put on the camera on me, over my neck. At that moment, I had a feeling; something incrediable, something is boiling in me, which is about to explode! Like the Olympic winner getting the medal on stage. Hey, I am a photographer now! (I think) It was a moment that I will remember in my whole life. I know i am just a beginner that still have too much to learn in taking pic, It's such a big issue and the money spent like tap watering. Well, you can't stop with the satisfaction, like a drug. The feeling, the story, the moment, the way you wanna express, the life style... too much to take... 

So now I guess i have the basic ideas of taking pics. hope to take more good ones in the future.

The followings are some of my collection these days.

Hard to take this pic. Ar Jai only do this when she was awake after sleep. So I have to get ready before waking her up. And she will be angry about me if i wake her up with no reason. Taking Pic? She HATE! 'love factor' -1 point.

concrete jungle, for real.

Ar Fei Jing Juen. something inside her.

nothing to say. enjoy in it,

same thing.

love this.

life from these dude. so chillling.

working or chilling in the sunset?

busy station.

night's love.

what are you taking!?

back home from CWB. back home...

leaving HOME and going back home.

WD, bike crew.

bike rider mary jan.

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Photo 64973
wao!!! all about the NIKON!!! great pictures~
over 12 years ago
Photo 98004
It's a nice reliable camera ... :-)
over 12 years ago
Warrenstuart 51 photo165207785807652946
Dope Pics Sun!
over 12 years ago
Photo 53977
whoa vintage! real nice..
over 12 years ago


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