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工程進行中 Underconstruction

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kQnCLDNnwQ&feature=youtu.be工程進行中 Underconstruction 

野狗作品 directed, filmed and edited by the wildog音樂 music by 怒人 '妖獸都市'某些生活a some kind of life project香港,自命為國際大都市,必須跟上時代的步伐。快速公路,發達交通,高級商廈;發展,發展,再發展,以便促進更多資金,更有效率,更方便省時,更大規模的商業貿易,讓人民享受更優質,舒適的生活環境。在有限的時間和空間裡進行高速的進化過程,犧牲是無可避免的。無聲無色之間,我們失去了我們的生活,我們的土地,家的美麗景色,我們的情懷,我們的文化,我們的靈魂。為了追跟得上世界,為了一些私慾,我們都無意識地追逐,或被這時代巨輪牽引著。因為這樣急速的步伐讓我們沒有時間去想,而接受了大家都應為合情合理的發展所帶給大家的益處。我們應該繼續享受而裝著看不見,心甘情願地被洗腦嗎?有多少人願意減少優質的物質生活而去豐富靈魂?硬件在發展,軟件卻在倒退。究竟應該如何在這裡,我們的家,找到發展的平衡呢?Hong Kong, calls itself a national city, has to catch up with the tempo of times. Highways, breezed transportation, quality commercial buildings; development, development and more development, for more money, more efficiency, more convenience, less time consuming, larger scale of commercial deals, and a better, higher quality of living condition. To have a speedy evolution in a limited time and space, sacrifice is neccessary. In slient and without notice, we lost our life, our land, the beautiful view of our home, our feelings, our culture and our soul. For chasing to reach the standard of the world, or a personal selfishness, some of us are either trying to catch up or being drew by the whell of times. This speedy tempo of living give us no time to think, and make us believed that the benefits are reasonably acceptable. Should we enjoy this benefits blindly and being brain-washed? Who will reduce high quality of living in an exchange of spirit and soul? The hardware is developing but the software is falling back. How can we actually get a balance of development in our life here in Hong Kong, our home?

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