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Hebe Law羅用手作


"Hebe Law" is a fashion accessories brand founded by Hebe Law in June 2008. She has few years experiences in handbag and fashion accessories design. She has handmade handbags for both ladies and men with her experienced skills and talented creativities. "Hebe Law Arts Crafts Workshop" s’ designs are mainly inspired by her interest in Chinese Art, such as furniture’s, antiques, fashion and calligraphy. "Hebe Law Arts Crafts Workshop" s’ products represent a unique blend of fashion with not only the influences through Chinese element, but also lots freestyle products. Hebe is responsible for product design, design development, handmade products, visual merchandising, image styling, advertising and all marketing communication.

“Hebe Law Arts Crafts Workshop” s’ products are now available in DINGCUT SALON. 「羅用手作」是由設計師Hebe LAW在2008年6月所創立的一個潮流時裝配飾品牌。她有多年的手袋和其他時裝配飾設計經驗。她透過豐富經驗和無限創意,自家手製出限量的男裝及女裝包包。「羅用手作」的設計大多啟發自她對中國藝術的情意結,而當中尤其喜愛古董傢俱、時裝及書法。「羅用手作」的產品不單只受中國文化影響,還有其他的自由創作,正正表現出它是一個集合HEBE LAW各種時尚元素的獨特品牌。 HEBE LAW負責「羅用手作」的所有產品設計、產品推銷、市場推廣、包包製作及形像設計等等。

羅用手作」的產品現正在DINGCUT SALON發售。歡迎來店參觀選購。 Contact Info Email: hebe@hebelaw.com Website: http://www.hebelaw.com Shop Tel: (852)2626 9845
Location: 7/F., No.66 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok, Kln Hong Kong


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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Location Hong Kong
Gender female
English Name Hebe Law Arty Crafty
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Hebe Law羅用手作 www.hebelaw.com

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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese, mandarin
Location (City, Country)
Hong Kong
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October 7, 2008