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When Mitch Allan first emerged in 2000 with his band SR-71, he was a little known singer/songwriter with a handful of pop rock songs. Powered by a number 2 modern rock single, a number 4 video on MTV and endless touring, their debut cd, Now You See Inside,

was certified gold in the U.S. within 5 months of its release and would go on to sell more than 750,000 copies worldwide. The single Right Now, written by Mitch Allan, would go on to appear in over a dozen films including American Pie, Loser, and Dude Wheres My Car? Less than two years later, SR-71s second cd, Tomorrow,

written and co-produced by Allan, was released producing another top 15 single and pushing their total world wide sales to over 1,000,000.

Lately, Mitch has been focusing his attention on song writing. His most recent success was the Top 5 hit "1985" written by Allan, Allen, and Reddick and performed by Bowling for Soup. Originally only available on the japanese import CD, Here We Go Again,

the Bowling For Soup song, "1985", has gone on to be certified Digital Triple Platinum and holds the iTunes record for the most downloads in a single week (over 23,000). It is also part of the compilation NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MUSIC 17, selling over 3,000,000 copies, and of course, on the Bowling For Soup cd, A HANGOVER YOU DONT DESERVE, which is certified Gold.

As gratifying as writing hit songs for other artists can be, Mitch's main focus will always be his own music. His much-anticipated solo cd, which bears the remarkably humble title, "Clawing My Way To The Middle", demonstrates just how far hes come in only 5 short years. Its funny, says Allan, Id never thought about the pressures of making a solo album. People seem to be watching a little closer now that my name is on the marquee. In most ways, however, things are almost exactly the same. Its still my voice, my songs, and my band.

Sessions for CLAWING MY WAY TO THE MIDDLE commenced in Los Angeles and Baltimore during the spring of 2006. This marks the first collaboration with Mitch Allan and Producer Ben Moody, formally of Evanescence. Ben's producer credits include: Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Blank Theory, and Evanescence. The CD contains some of the most prolific materiel of Allan's short career. Standout tracks include, "Make Me High", a soaring, emotional ballad, and "Superman", a heartbreaking piano track that yearns to rise to the top of the charts. The album also contains several songs Allan has been playing live that have become immediate crowd favorites. The sold-out audiences up and down the East Coast have been eating up songs like the quirky upbeat rocker Gone, the incredible hooky Mosquito, which has been described as the ULTIMATE break-up song, and an energetic new spin on the Peter Gabriel classic In Your Eyes. This record has shown me that I can put everything about myself into my music. I can use the good, the bad, but mostly the ugly and with all that at least I know I wont run out of material anytime soon. | 當Mitch Allan 第一次出現的時候是2000年與他的band SR-71,他是一個小量全制作流行搖滾歌曲的歌手/作詞人。制作第二位的最新搖滾大碟,第四位的錄影帶和不曾終止的旅程為動力,他們現在的首次登場的CD,你現在可以看到裡面是得到美國金獎(在出碟後五個月內,更賣多過750,000副本發佈全球。現在Mitch Allan的單曲將會出現在超過幾十套電影包括<American Pie Loser, and Dude Wheres My Car? >。在未來不超過兩年後,SR-71的第二張碟,明天。

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