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+ 700 Hits +

O I got 700 hits of my blog!!!

Really thx all of u who come and visit!!!

So far, I am now enjoy to relax!!!HAHAA

Joking~~Just finish the design of one item!!!

Now going to production!!! hope it will be ok~~

And I just upload some my old drawings!!!Pls check it out!!!^-^/

(=..= sorry that i am so lazy to have my new works!!Will come asap~HAHA)

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+ Freelance +

剛忙完舊公司給我的Freelance job...



2007 Spring/Summer 是離開公司前參與做得最多的一季~~~


Le Petit Pois


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+ 近日迷上的BAND +

近日頗喜歡的Bands!!!介紹一下吧!!! Deathstars近日發現的瑞典Band - Deathstars 真不錯!!!迷上結他手Cat!!! Deathstars Offical / Myspace

Queen Adreena另外, 也迷上 Queen Adreena - 主音好夠喪,歌...Read more

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YO!! Looks KooL!!!

Really nice place share anything!!!

So happy that HK have this kind of place share the creative things, such as music and artists!!!

Alive really have great ideas!!!KooL!!!Let's have Fun here!!!

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