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THE WHITE WALL: Trailer and website online

This is the first trailer and website for a movie I worked on back in early 2007 with Ean Tang line producing the Asian section of the shoot...the movie is "The White Wall"


So what’s WHITE WALL about? A virus has decimated humanity and left the world in squalor and full of violence. Shawn Kors' world is confined to a large white wall, and he looks for a way out and a cure to the virus, Vxii, until...Read more

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Dec Impact

The December issue of Impact hits the shelves soon, and its another action packed issue covering the very best from East & West...

This month we talk to Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore, the men behind a little comic book called "Watchmen" that is already looking to be the "movie" for next year....we take a look at Hong Kong's DevaShard comic book, the incredible documentary about Australian exploitation cinema "Not Quite Hollywood" , the career of Herman Yau, afirst review of high impact American indie &qu...Read more

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November Impact

A few days till the November issue of Impact hits the shelves www.impactmoviemagazine.co.uk

This issue we review the incredible JCVD movie and talk to its director Mabrouk about how this Jean-Claude Van Damme project came together, we also talk to Antony Szeto about the soon to be released "Wushu", Australian actor Conan Stevens, review two Eastern Westerns "Sukiyaki Western Django" & "The Good The Bad The Weird", the action comedy &qu...Read more

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Rambo KK Kong: An Unsung Hero of Hong Kong Cinema

Just ran this article in Impact last month(October) about one of the unsung heroes of Hong Kong Action Cinema, Rambo KK Kong who has worked with everybody from Jackie Chan to Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jason Scott Lee to Bruce Liang and many others.....a great guy and deserves so much more attention

Back issue available at www.impactmoviemagazine.co.uk

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Trailer for "The Bodyguard" film i produced


Twitch has just posted the short trailer for "The Bodyguard:A New Begining', directed by Chee Keong Chung, and produced by myself, Ean Tang & Mark Strange. It was a hard shoot but great experience, big thanks to all involved

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October Impact

Another month passes, and another action packed issue of Impact hits the shelves. This month's contents include the following; Russian action hero Alexander Nevsky talking about his latest project "Magic Man", a profile of one of Hong Kong Cinema's greatest unsung heroes Rambo Kong, a look back at The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor by some of the action unit including yours truly,we talk to Sony about the Fight factory which is releasing new DVD action releases as well as classics actioners on the new label, we take a look ...Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Aug 20

The new issue of Impact has just hit the shelves. We have amongst other things a "Kickboxer" series retrospective which includes the full Dennis Chan "Kickboxer" related interview and soundbites from Albert Pyun about "KB 2 & 4", reviews of "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor", John Woo's "The Red Cliff", interviews with Hong Kong hero Simon Yam, Jackie Chan Stunt-Teamer Brad Allan about the action of "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army', Japanime, Korean action in "Th...Read more

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Impact celebrates 200 issues

This months Impact sees us hitting our 200th issue

Impact's regular mix of the very best from East & West includes exclusive interviews with Director Wong Kar-wai, Comic Book hero Mark Millar of "WANTED" & "THE ULTIMATES" fame, actor, director's Noel Clarke from "Doctor Who" & "Adulthood" & Dennis Chan from "Kickboxer" & "WUSHU", as well as "Batman: The Dark Knight" fight choreographer Paul Jennings. We take a first look at I...Read more

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Chris Yen Interview

Hey folks

Check out a quick interview with Chris Yen, sister of Donnie Yen on Twitch


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Quick interview with Johnny Tao Director: Kenn Scott

long day today, working on a music video, a lot of good folk involved on cast and crew, major respect all involved.....and quick plug for an interview i did with actor/director Kenn Scott, for the upcoming DVD release of his very Hong Kong styled fantasy action adventure "Johnny Tao', starring Matt Twining, X-Ma hero Matt Mullins, Chris Yen sister of Donnie, James Hong from "Big Trouble in Little China"and featuring action by JJ Perry from 'Wolverine"and Ündisputed 2".....<...Read more

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