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Cheering #TeamMalaysia on as they #GoforGold ... mixed doubles action now... first set is heading to Indonesia but looking forward to a dream #Olympics moment by the Malaysian team in the next 2 sets.

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Cause working out of the office is boring.


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Sharing my little story here for a good laugh this #HungryGhostFestival :)

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Going to be a long day.....

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PickleTheDawG wondering what I'm doing sitting there and playing with the phone and letting my food go cold whole night....

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Parked with people hunting #PokemonGo

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For a guy who hates maths in school, I end up doing a lot of calculations in business. Dammit. The waitress at #TheBee did a double take when serving my #lunch earlier.

One phone on #PokemonGo, one on #Ingress and my iPad with a big as Calculator app while I write things down into a note pad and the computer just sit there as paper weight.

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Great performance by the students at the #OutcastDanceshow2016

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Good morning! Good early morning conference call. Now energized and really to go out for a little jog, to hatch some eggs and catch some digimons.

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Rain or shine, #Pokemon or not, these people are going to tough it out to try and win a #subaruxv from #SubaruMy by being the last person to have his or her hand still touching the car.

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2nd half of 2012 onwards - Expanding my Talent Management biz to cover several countries. If you are a performer/dancer/deejays/singer and would like to drop me

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