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Patrick's Bday... My Bday as well!! And this year, it happened in Macau!!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY (as well!)!! ###Recently was Patrick's birthday party which was held in at the Sands Casino in Macau. I know for facts that Alive Not Dead throw awesome parties. When we all heard of it, we just couldnt even sleep at night, just to think of all the fun we will have... 

This day has come... and here's how the journey started...

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Ron English in HK...

RON ENGLISH's POPaganda Asia Tour Opening ReceptionHere's some pix from the exhibition at DNM, on Jan 9th, 09.Ron EnglishSome of the new toys<...Read more

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~ Last blog of 2008 ~

Wow... already?!? So, today is officially the last day of 2008!! When I think of it, I've accomplished a lot this year...  I remember starting off 2008 with... Great Times... Taxis... Been knock down... Got back on my feet... Learnt a lot... Experienced a lot... Tried lots of new things...  Behind the camera... In front of the camera... Pushed my limits in acting, dancing, modeling, stunts... especially to be a better man... Met a bunch of cool people... And I mean a lot!!!  Its all good!! At the end of the "year",   Im st...Read more

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Taking the Tram to Orius!!

Last Thursday, I was at the Launch Event for Race and Rosanne's comic project with Pat Lee,  titled Orius.  It also showcased 15 years of original art pieces ranging from Superman, Batman, IronMan, Spiderman, Transformers and GIJoe. The event was held at the new art gallery, Garage...Read more

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LUMINA ~ Thats a wrap!!

So, I've been busy with my last project, " Lumina", which is a webserie of 10 episodes (webisodes) of a running time of 5 mins each.  And we've been shooting for more or less 2 weeks and I know I owe you guys a lot of making of pictures... Check out our Facebook group and AnD page as well.But then, we've had a WRAP PARTY (Dec 12th, '08), which Im gonna show yo...Read more

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I know im not the greatest blogger on the net, but im sincerely trying to catch up!! Now, here's some info's along with some pictures of my current project, LUMINA.

LUMINA is a new, original-content web series to be

released on its owndedicated website, as well as on selected popular entertainment websites. The first season of Lumina will be ten web-broadcast episodes (“webisodes”) each with a running time of five minutes.

The series follows the adventures of Lumina Wong, an...Read more

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Dead Not Alive Halloween Party @ Azure

The Dead Not Alive Party!!!

Here's some shots of the night... Beautiful Grace, Spencer and ISimon, Arne "tiger&qu...Read more

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Video Game Commercial

Sup?!? Im now up to my second blog entry!! Not too bad eh? hehehe So, if you read my previous / first blog entry, I put some screen shots from the video game commercial "WE" shot recently. "WE" includesArne,Derrick (member of CB FRESH), Simon(another...Read more

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Commercial shoot + Editing Party

This is my very first blog entry on AliveNotDead! Guess I gotta talk a bit about myself and my projects, right? haha We shot a video game advert recently, a DJ game that will be available for IPhone soon. I was playing the main character of the game which is a rock n' roll ninja that DJs.  Arne, Derrick, Simon, Spencer, Foon, Kento, Taku, Cynthia, Herbert, Tino, Wai and a bunch of other cool people in Hong Kong also help on this project which was shot in Yumla, LKF. Was an awesome shoot and I hope we could do more stuff t...Read more

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