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Cool Canadian Friend!!

Ran into a Canadian friend at CitySomething last night! He was trying to impress me with some break dance moves.. The "Lobster-Claw-Stand"!!

##I decided to show him my version of the "One-Hand-Stand"!! 

You be t...Read more

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Lumina ~ Official Trailer Online Now!!

RockGinger and Sommertime Productions are proud to announce the release of the official trailer of LUMINA the web series! Enjoy!




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"We've got our website!!!"

Here are some screenshots from the website! Check it out online @

www.luminaseries.com.   Screen shot of the home page. There's often 2 Read more

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My lil sis's first competition for LG!!! Go Janet!!!

My lovely sister, Janet, is going through her first competition as a designer. (She's also new on AnD). Anyways, check it out, and if you like what you see, please vote for her (you can vote only once a day) @  http://ca.lge.com/denimdiy/Thanks! 

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Peter is on AnD!!

Look who I got on Alive

Not Dead!! 

My best friend visiting Hong Kong,


(he's actually on the way home by now..!!)

Welcome on AnD bro!! And we're all waiting for your first blog!! 

I've been talking a lot about him, but now, ya'll be able to learn more about Peter via his own blog... If h...Read more

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Best Martial Art Clip EVER!!!!

This video is awesome!! No matter how many times you watch it! Its still great!!!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa-PhBRiuMU

I love the BACKFLIP part!!! I laughed the hardest, even cried at it!!! After you're done, just rewind it back to the backflip and watch him fall just one last time!! Its all worth it! hahahaCheers, Have a great day!!Michael

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Time To Upgrade?!?

Peter is a long time friend from Canada and is visiting me in Hong Kong at the moment. Since Ive been living in HK for over 3 years (almost 4 now), and we both haven't been to Thailand yet, we decided it was time to do some catching up on the beaches!! But, few days before leaving for our 5 days trip... I, unfortunately, lost my camera! (Well.. we suspect something else... but... thats only our opinion...!!) Anyways, here's what my camera (now, ex-camera?) looked like when we last saw it. Read more

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Haha I got this video from my other "social networking" account! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJRe9b_csqE

I woke up in a good mood after watching this! lolWhat do you think?!? 

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Wall Street Fighter 4!!

Recently, my boys fromCB Freshcame up with an idea,

"Street Fighter 4 + Wall Street Financial Crisis", and asked me if I wanted to play aRyu/R.O.I.in this project! At first, I didnt know what it was about, but then, I've always believed in the boys so whenever I can help, im there (and its guaranteed to be great fun!!!)

And plus, who wouldnt wanna play

Ryu from Street Fighter?!? Thats like my favorite character of all time!!   ...Read more

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Wow, its been a long time since my last blog... well, here's highlights of what (more or less) happened lately!!I started off Chinese New Year with dancing for a charity show. Was great fun, havent performed on stage in a while. I miss dancing with the crew![](/attachments/2009/02/261052_200902180425461.thumb.jpg)Hip Hop God of Fortune!! Read more

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