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My singles from my first album... Figured I should post it.  I'm in a posting mood.  =)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igbgy81lSuE Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6RSSS0PdD8

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwMda_k__CQ Video: http://w...Read more

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I know I  know, I'm really lazy about blogging...

I do have a Twitter account that I go on almost religiously... so please follow me there too!  I love hearing your inputs and suggestions!  Follow me via @melovixen  =)

My computer has died.  Actually, my hard disk has died, so a lot of my recent photos on everything that I've been up to lately is now gone... =(  I would love to post some new photos soon for all of you!  In the mean time, I attended Primo's Fashion TV launch party last Saturday and Vogue captured me with my f...Read more

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I found an old video of myself practicing my dance routine for my single 天生一對。

I'm not really dancing all out; in fact, I totally mess up near the end of the video!  But it is amusing to watch myself practice, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well-

Video: http://www.facebook.com/v/62235766008

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My first show of 2009!!!

All In Poker Club's Final Table Banquet Celebration... enjoy~

I'm singing a cover of Rihanna's uber popular single, "Umbrella."

Video: http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=33etkBjJRvM

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New Year

Happy New Year everybody!

I just came back from a CRAZY therapeutic trip back to LA (it's the first time I've been back home for Thanksgiving/Christmas in five years!) and life is good!

I celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas at home with the family and New Years eve with close friends in Hollywood.  Going home really opened my eyes again.  As an artist, it's always nice to look at something new every once in a while to get inspired.  This trip I came back with 5 new songs!  =D 

I think my ultimate New Year's...Read more

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Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone had a blast this weekend!  I know I did!

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So I promised a while back (come to think of it, it was quite a while ago) that I would actually let you guys listen to some of my new stuff.  Well anyway, this song is really not that new... to me, at least because I wrote it a couple months ago, BUT I've never shown anyone!  So here's a 45 sec tidbit of Don't Say Goodbye, a song I pulled out of my "Favorite Songs" folder.  There are more, and I hope to eventually upload more for you guys to hear. 

This song is a song I wrote a few months back  about saying something tot...Read more

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In the spirit of summer, I have had a lot of trouble getting work done because all my friends are vacationing in Taiwan!

BUT, I am still chipping at it, and hope to have at least 5 good new songs by the end of this month.  On top of that, I have started painting and drawing.  I'm hoping to work towards having an exhibition but it's still very preliminary and hope that eventually I can dazzle you with my new artwork. 

some sketches~

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Vanity Fair

Just wanted to wish Van Ness, happy birthday~ 

I've only been to two of his birthday parties ever.  One was five years ago at Lawry's for his 25th when I first came to Taiwan---and the second was last Saturday for his Vanity Fair extravaganza at Primo.  All I can say is, even though he is the fabulous super star we all know and love, he's also a great great friend, extremely hardworking, down to earth, and loyal.  I am very lucky, to have gotten to know him and no body breaks out in dance like V Dubb!!!

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Selamat Datang

To see more pics, go to www.machi.cc.

Malaysia is absolutely positively gorgeous.

We (Jeff, Luke, Don P, Suffa, and I) left to Malaysia on Thursday morning and arrived in Kuala Lumpur by the early afternoon. I was pretty tired from not really sleeping the night before and I sort of brought it upon myself because on the airplane, I got sucked into watching the movies, and didn't sleep when I should have. It did more damage, I think, when my fatigue ...Read more

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