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Two Grand Openings

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated because I’ve been a little bit swamped with work lately!Last week Zara finally opened in Taipei after waiting YEARS for them to arrive.  The frenzy was ridiculous-  people waited in lines around the corner outside Taipei 101 in the rain just to get a chance to walk through the store.  Luckily for me, I was invited to the opening party—  I still had to wait in line behind some models and other socialites, but at least there was free champagne!  The other event that I had been working on was the grand opening of Vapiano Restaurant in Taipei.  It opened at the brand new ATT4Fun building, and the turn out was fantastic!  We got to taste a lot of the menu’s items as well as free-flowing red/white wine and champagne.  I was so tipsy that night, I went home at 10 pm and passed out-  even though it felt like 4am!  I didn’t even make it to the clubs… ha!  This event was important to me because a BUNCH of my friends were in attendance and I was performing!  Also, it was the first time I performed Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” live.  That song has a gazillion verses.  I was so worried I would flub the lyrics that I wrote a cheat sheet on my left palm!  In the end, as soon as the song started playing, my nerves calmed down and it all went smoothly.  No cheat sheet needed.  :)

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