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Halloween Fest 2011~

I'm always trying to top myself every Halloween, coming up with something fun, original, and sexy!  This year was no exception. My girlfriends decided to channel Katy Perry's ET video alien, so that's where I got the make up inspiration from.  I had super blinding silver leggings from American Apparel already (don't ask me how), and I bought 2 yards of silver fabric for the top.  I was originally going to just pop a hole in the fabric, stick my head through it, and tie it off with a nice belt, pirate style, but lucky me, I bumped into my friend and designer Alex King Chen, and he offered to drape the fabric and make my sexy alien top for me!The costume was a success, and I had total strangers coming up to me asking for pictures!  I felt like one of those characters in costume at Disneyland walking around the park while random people ask for photos.  HA!For my Jack-O-lantern-  I went for a decidedly Asian theme this year.  A lot of people don't celebrate Halloween in Taiwan, and since I live in the suburbs and not in the city, I didn't want to scare the old people passing by with a scary face.  Instead I came up with the Welcome Lucky Cat (totally Asian-friendly) and designed it on paper first before carving it on a pumpkin! 

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