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Hip Hop Music History Lesson 5

We already come to the lesson 5 ,since all u guys are familiar to this game .I know u guys can get ya own way to get the answer ,so I try to find some rap classic sample to share with you guys .This time i got you guys one of my favourite love rap songs .Hip Hop can also talk about love ,not just hardcore all the time .Let's see what is the original song this time ~~

  • Open Your Eyes by Bobby Caldwell -


Check it out !!


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Uh oh ~ I fail this lesson ...
over 12 years ago
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Common - The Light (aka my favorite joint of all-time)
over 12 years ago
Photo 37543
cant front...i actually didnt kno this til i listened to it...didnt recognize it rite away from the name... but umm...damn...where can i find this record...i'm lovin the original (Dilla is a genius)
over 12 years ago


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