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Answer of lesson 3

Sorry haven't give out the answer for a while .As this one is a lil bit harder than before ,so I try to give u guys more time to search the answer .Unluckily ,seems nobody got the answer .It's okay .Mabe can get the answer for next lesson .Don't give up .Keep study it ~~~

Okay ,the answer of lesson 3 is

A Tribe Called Quest ------ Bonita Applebum

A Tribe Called Quest is one of the best Jazz rap crew .They are not the first crew try to use jazz as their music main element but definitely they make jazz rap hit the ground ~~ They got lots of classic shit .This one is one of their classic song .The others like --- Can I kick it ,Electric Relaxation ,check the  rhyme & Jazz we got etc ~~ anyway ,enjoy !!!!!


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Thought I'd heard it before ~ just couldn't remember the name ~ thanks! :)
over 12 years ago
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this is so cuteee. smooth. big up to TCQ//
over 12 years ago


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