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The latest on Eddie Solis/It’s Casual: Photo Show, Radio Show, Black Flag…

It’s only been a couple of months since I’ve hung out with 100-percent skate rocker Eddie Solis but in his case that may as well be a lifetime. His two-man hardcore band It’s Casual has a bunch of listening parties and killer shows coming up ( including on this Sunday at The Vex with Black Flag and Good For You), his hometown-centric radio show Los Angeles Nista (with guests including local musicians, skaters, artists, entrepreneurs, and politicians) is taking off, and he even has a photography show coming up in Santa Ana. What! I had to get the scoop, and met my friend this morning in beautiful Echo Park.

MW: Your first photo show is coming up. Are you a student of photography? What is your philosophy or attitude toward the art form?

ES: No, I am not a student of photography. My philosophy and attitude towards photography is like music and painting, etc., which is there is no right or wrong. If a moment speaks to you, then you need to capture it and apply your emotion to the canvas. I will be showing two dozen pieces in my upcoming photography show, which has been pushed back to fall because of the growth of It’s Casual and my radio show Los Angeles Nista.

*MW: Not only is Los Angeles Nista still rolling along, but you often stream extra episodes. Is that exciting and rewarding or what? Tell me about the experience.* ES: Los Angeles Nista is going great! I created the vision last spring of 2012 and now I’m into my eighth month.  My designated slot is 9pm to 11pm PST, but if there is an opportunity to fill an open at skidrowstudios.com I am all about creating content/catalog. That is key. It’s a lot of work but I’m passionate about it. It’s rewarding because I am truly expressing myself with Los Angeles Nista in honest way.

MW: Got a few highlights to briefly share? (Doesn’t have to include me but it can!)

ES: Definitely your episode because I used to buy Giant Robot at Tower Records back in the day. I loved the story when Jet Li came into the Giant Robot office. Also loved Ed Reyes and Mike V!

MW: It’s Casual is seeing a lot of action, too, with more shows and new music.

ES: It’s Casual is ripping right now! Last February I went to SST in Texas to jam with Greg Ginn and Gregory Moore. It was inspiring enough for me to immediately come back and write The New Los Angeles III. It’s Casual supports Black Flag at The Vex on Sunday, July 14

MW: That would be rad for any band but can you explain why this is especially cool for yours?

ES: The reason why it is so special is because it’s gone full circle. I started It’s Casual as an homage to Greg Ginn, Black Flag, and SST.  Now I’m hand picked by Greg Ginn and Mike V to open the show.

MW: Every time I look, you’re cranking hard on a new project. Do you ever take vacations?

ES: I’m currently on an endless vacation!

July 12 – The New Los Angeles II listening party at 2 Felons skateboard shop in Whittier, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (free Jarritos and tamales)

July 13 – The New Los Angeles II listening party at Soul Skateboarding shop in the Heights 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (free Jarritos and tamales)

July 14 – It’s Casual with Black Flag and Good for You at The Vex

July 27 – It’s Casual with Good for You at Alex’s Bar

Follow Eddie’s It’s Casual and Los Angeles Nista pages on Facebook for the latest!

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