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Nosaj Thing on FYF — This weekend!

Photo by Mikey Tnasuttimonkol

Last time I corresponded with Jason Chung a.k.a. Nosaj Thing was right before 2011′s FYF. I thought I’d get back in touch with the Los Angeles-based experimental electronic musician before he plays this weekend’s show alongside heavyweights like TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and My Bloody Valentine… Yes, he’s as cool as his music is heavy.

MW: You mentioned to me that you moved from Pasadena to Downtown L.A. Has the different environment, architecture, and energy affected your outlook or approach to music?

JC: I’ve always been sensitive to my environment. Downtown has brought out some of my old self somehow–I think in a good way.

MW: I haven’t seen you since the Octopus/ Drift days. Will I even recognize you or your music at FYF this time around?

JC: Probably. I just got older and depressed!

MW: How was your recent trip to Asia?

JC: I actually just got back. Feeling inspired. I don’t know what it is but Tokyo woke me up. I need to move there sometime. Vibes…

MW: I was stoked to find the Mary Anne Hobbes session on your site. I know that’s ancient history to you, but can you tell me about it?

JC: She’s been a longtime supporter and I just thought I’d do a special mix to play some unreleased music from friends and myself. I’m working on a new mix now.

MW: The recent Chance the Rapper project was really interesting. How did it happen and unfold?

JC: The guys from Yours Truly reached out and thought it would be a good fit. I was already feeling Chance’s style and everything came together naturally… It’s a special track.

MW: It’s rad that you’ve worked with members of Blonde Redhead and M83, as well. I love those bands. Anyone else on your wish list? Maybe someone at this weekend’s shows?

JC: Karen O, please.

Find out more about Jason and his music at nosajthing.com and then dig his set at FYF on Saturday, August 24. Shockingly, there are still some weekend passes available for the fest in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles.

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