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Voiceover Demo and Work

Just thought I would share something here on alivenotdead.com, since it is related to my work as an "artist" (of sorts).

This past 6 months or so I've been getting some side gigs doing voiceover work for a few different corporate videos. One was for a construction company that had a display video at the Shanghai Expo, and more recently I did a video for the largest Kiwi fruit producer in the world (did you know Shaanxi Province is the world's largest Kiwi fruit production market?).

About a month ago I was asked to put together a demo of my voice.  So i spent a few hours and put together the audio file that you can see on my profile page.  It isn't exactly "professional" and I did it in a rush, but it was fun to do.  Not too bad for a tiny mic and my laptop.

I tried to give a few different types of voices.  One serious, one excited, one documentary-esque and one casual.  I used Adobe Audition to edit the audio files.

Let me know what you think!

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I like that you have shown a range of voices, naturally I like the WWF one ;).I can see why you are getting voiceover work and this is a good demo to put together to show the different aspects.
almost 11 years ago
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Very good Mark...and you put this together quickly???? Well....it is excellent. I like the diversity and must add....I giggled at the Alaska clip. I think you can use it as a good demo for prospective clients....!
almost 11 years ago
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No sexy stripper club voice? :D Ever since I saw that YYH message video you made I always figured your voice was suited for voice work, a man of many talents :D
almost 11 years ago
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awesome, better than me! :D:D:D
almost 11 years ago
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Nice! I can definitely see (hear?) you doing voiceover work, you're a natural for it. :):) Happened to catch Mrs. Doubtfire on cable recently, seeing Robin Williams do the voice stuff was so much fun & showed the artistry involved. And it looks like fun!
almost 11 years ago
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I can't listen to it because my speakers aren't connected to my desktop (and my laptop's down). But I know you DO have a nice voice, clear and deep and most of all understandable.
over 10 years ago
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