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Phlog: Shaanxi Opera

A friend of ours, Grace, started a project called "Journey to China" where she brings non-Chinese to experience various Chinese cultural arts/events.  For their first event they brought us to a Shaanxi-style Chinese opera school where we were introduced to various aspects of Shaanxi Opera. This photo is of a girl from the Ukraine who was used as a demonstration of Chinese opera makeup style and technique.  She was quite the trooper.September 17, 2010

Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

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Love the sideburns. The traditional opera makeup is such an interesting cultural development. It's almost like they're caricatures and not real people. Know what I mean? Like you're watching staged symbols of real people, not actors portraying them. Maybe it allowed for a cultural identity for the role which was collectively understood. Actually, why am I speculating? What did you learn?
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hm, i always wanted to do this, but not that character ;-)
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