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Phlog: Moloka'i

Our last stop during the summer trip to the U.S. was to visit Ruhi's mom in Hawaii.  She lives on a small island called Moloka'i, located between Uahu and Maui.  Honest, I took so many pictures that I wish I could post here, but I'm trying to keep my phlogs to just one picture ... or maybe 2.   Okay .. 3.  But thats the limit for today.Twist my arm whydoncha? August 28, 2010Moloka'i, Hawaii, USAAugust 24, 2010

Dixie Maru, Moloka'i, Hawaii, USAIf you would like to see more photos from this trip you can view them on my website gallery here:   http://narom.net/cat/travel/usa-2010/  (eventually I'll put them on AnD, when I've had time to organize things a bit)Replies:@peachey: Actually, they can customize the pizza to have any combination of toppings you like.  So, if you want 25 slices, each with different toppings, they can do that.  Or if you want just one topping on the whole pizza you can do that too.  We picked three different types of toppings for each pizza - Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken and the "Roma"@mhough: Nice to see you too.@Flagday: Carbs aren't the enemy.  Sugar is!  It just so happens that a lot of carbs turn in to sugar. ;-) ... lol.

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Photo 28042
I thought I dreamed this. For real? OMG. Stay on the good side of your MIL!
almost 10 years ago
Photo 323849
Woah, inspired!
almost 10 years ago
Photo 105033
just love this pic.....that's going green! Mr Gore eat your heart out! ;-)
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