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Phlog: Adam SITing

Today's Phlog subject is Adam V.  Adam is a man of varied talents.  Originally from Scotland, he came to China after high school and took a year of Chinese language at Xi'an Northwest University (西安西北大学) and then enrolled as a student at Shaanxi Normal University (陕西师范大学) studying Chinese Literature.  4 years later he graduated and was ridiculously fluent in Chinese.   Now he works for a company that works on developing the capacities of young people through the arts.  He is an artist himself and his guitar skills are quite impressive.  He and his band of merry musicians play gigs around the city and we happened to catch them playing right next door to my university on Shi Da Road (师大路) at Scultping In Time Cafe (S.I.T. Cafe). (If you are in Beijing, you probably know of S.I.T. since they originally started in that city near the university area.  There are a few in Xi'an as well and they are quite popular.)Here is a picture of Adam playing with his band.September 4, 2010

S.I.T. Cafe, Xi'an, Shaanxi, ChinaYou can see more photos from this event here:  http://narom.net/2010/09/adam-at-sit-cafe/Replies:@Flagday - I love my MIL!  She's really cool.  You can learn more about her on her website here:  http://www.gaellenquinn.com/  You can pick up her book too, which is a pretty good read.  Check out the other photos of Moloka'i from my website too, when you have a chance.  They can be found in this blog entry:  http://narom.net/2010/08/summer-in-the-u-s-a-part-4-hawaii/

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