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Happy Belated 2011 ...

Its been a very very long time since I last blogged on AnD.  But to be honest, its been a long time since I've blogged anywhere.  Even on my own websites, narom.net or wushuzilla.com, I blog with an increasing lack of frequency.  Once a month?  Pssh .... I've apparently lost my blogging mojo. Thats okay though, because other things have been a priority these days.  A lack of blogging for me usually means an abundance of living.  I've also been focusing more on my photography than my writing, which is a different but related issue.I have a few creative projects on the back burner right now, but nothing I'm going to let out of the bag at the moment.  In the meantime, I'll post up a photo or two now and again just to let you all know that I'm still alive and breathing.Since AnD is an artist-related blogging system, I will post up more artist-related blogs -- specifically photo blogs, which I think are probably more interesting to you anyway.  (Plus it will let Pat comment easily on what I post   )Here is photo number 1:August 6, 2010

Austin, Texas, USA"Austin Sliders"Yes, they tasted as good as they look.

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Photo 29080
good to see you. :)
over 9 years ago
Photo 28042
Hi Mark. Non-artist Flagday saying that burger looks de-lish. Glad you're busy and yes, please do keep in touch.
over 9 years ago
Photo 47367
Could one of those creative projects be a series of 5-mins wushu workout videos one can do at the desk?
over 9 years ago
Photo 16256
I like the sweet potato and potato fries mix. Wish they'd do that where I get my burgers/sliders.
over 9 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
um, those look super duper yummy.
over 9 years ago
Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Oh, drool!!!!
over 9 years ago


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