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The wheel turns on...

After the last short and the Reiki photo shoot I haven't had the chance to do much work either in camera or cinematography, but as always, the rare things now in my agenda always find a way to mysteriously all cumulate in the same day/week. This Sunday being a fine example.

In the morning I have class (Iaido and after that aikido) after which I'll have to hurry home to be in time for the next thing...

I'm going to make a documentary about a great Belgian artist called Koenraad Tinel over the period of one year trying to cover this man's life and capture some of the fire in his soul to share it with others

He's a smith in soul, but he also makes the most beautiful drawings and other impressions as well, combining wood, fabric and iron into so many different creatures.

He's a wonderful man of many trades and I still have to get to know him having met him only once...

This Sunday afternoon Tinel is telling his life story by the hand of drawings he made  and of course I'll be there listening. (And I'll take my photo camera - these pictures are not mine but I wanted to show you something at least)

I'll keep you posted on this interesting man!

Sunday evening there's the grading of the last short film I did for a director friend of mine who's also on AnD (Griet Teck). I'll try and pry some pictures of the shoot (if we have them, not sure about that actually) and maybe some screenshots to get you into the mood...

It's a very good story and the actors were incredible so I have no doubt she'll be graded accordingly.

Live your dreams people, don't forget!  I'm going to dream, period :) yawns

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This stillness has motion ........ its surreal =)
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"The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. Because its only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fant

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