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Reiki - production pics - photoshoot

So we arrived at the location of the shoot yesterday afternoon

and we very nearly had to crawl inside

old factory where we stood in awe for a moment before the fun started

The director started directing, obviously

In such a strange place, even mortal enemies forget their quarrels

But the place is haunted... They're after Martin...

His mortal enemy is devastated by the loss... (of the lighter)

Even the flowers are not what they seem...

Just in time, the Boss arrives

after seeking inner peace

he ventures onward

shoots to kill

and makes a narrow escape

                     The End :p

But enough fooling around! This madness stems from sleep deprivation and I'm going to leave you all with just a few more teasers...

pedro, whose arms might be a bit too short after all...

they came from above

used the force

and failed to impress random standers-by

Also: coming soon, the man who finally got rid of his spoons ...

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nice shots! seem like a interesting movie!
almost 16 years ago


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