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Lost Soul


Here's a short and rather random teaser of the latest short I've been working on.


This is just the raw footage with no more colour correction then upping the blacks for eerie and dramatic effect. The sole reason for this teaser to exist is the fact there were a lot of people most impatient to see some footage which resulted in this impromptu sequence.

Maybe it's got to do with the music as well, but I get giddy every time I see it, knowing this is visually the least challenging / Interesting scene. Prepare for some unadulterated awesome soon!

In the mean time, I'll give you some pics made by our reeled in volunteer Joris Van Hespen . And nice they are.

Our first night was, as they ever are, the hardest one. Troubles with the sound equipment, with the smoke machine and so on but after a two hours delay we finally were ready to shoot our first shot:

It's a horror movie with a whiff of mystery added to perfect the mix

And I have to say, I really like how the images turned out

Smoke just adds a whole new level of Doom and creepy... For this story, it was exactly what we needed.

Of course, getting the smoke (from one machine) to cover a very large area consisted of our SFX guy running around the pond and me following behind with the lasto lite (and I know this sort of use isn't in the manual) to divide it a bit. You have to admit, I do look awesome, don't I :D

Make-up effects! A spray of blood coming right up!

Next night and next location: a lovely little shed. It looked almost romantic... despite the horrors... Did you know Belgian body-bags are white?

Our poor lady.

Top shot. And yes, it was nearly as awkward as it looks. Also... rickety table...

Our Awesome camera man Stijn!

Day three: Opening scene. The Tunnel.

We've had to reshoot that entire day as we lost the footage due to techical problems. So these are merely a memory.

The Director!!! Meet the wonderful Joris!

On his director's chair...

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Wow! I want to see it ! Good Luck!
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