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Life, the universe and everything...

When we're young, we dream and make plans for when we grow up, waiting for that time to come and tap us on the shoulder in a very clear and unmistakable manner.

Then, adolescent, we make new plans and nurture new dreams for when our lives will finally start. And we wait, impatiently, for that time to comeand tap us on the shoulder in a very clear and unmistakable manner.Then we start working, storing our dreams until we find the time to pursue them. But time is something you make, no one will call you in the morning singing Earth, Wind and Fire's 'Time is on your side' as a hint.

Life should not be what happens to you while making plans, or while doing a job you don't really like. Life is the sum of what comes your way and what you seek out. The burdens you carry are the ones you choose to pick up. Everything is perception...

Live your dreams, my friends, for too many people out there haven't yet realised... their lives have already began...


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We should all live out our dreams, if not it will be too late for regrets :(
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That is so true my friend......... Time does not wait for anyone and it is up to us to make the most of our time. Sadly a lot of people do not see this and think doing things just to get by or doing what they don't like is the way forward.....rather than dream. And a life of success really is about those who dream the most. Someone once said do not laugh at those who dream, because those who don't dream don't have much to live on. If you've read some of Mark Allen's comments on his profile about life there's an interesting point he makes. He says that even though some of us may not have the necessary education or luck on our side, but if we've made many decisions in our life it can move things into our favour. He says the more decisions you make in life, the more educated guesses you can have and the more 'risk' you can take out of things when things come your way. If anything knowledge is only one aspect of achieving success in life - it doesn't include experience and very much, an element of luck. Almost everyone I've heard of who succeeds in life has had some element of luck to turn things into their favour - otherwise how else could things be? We have so many educated and talented people in the world - many fail in their endeavours and only a small fraction of that succeed. If that's not luck playing its part, I don't know what is.
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oh sis, how are you recently?
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Well said Marie! Life is short and it should be what we make of it :)
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"The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. Because its only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fant

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