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Ill things never do walk alone... Why... Do they get loney?

Today was not a good day for me... in truth, it started yesterday when I left the house, got deceitfully better later in the evening and came back with a vengeance aroundnoontoday.

I did three hours over a one hour train journey, but I’m guessing we all know public transport, so what else is new. Arrived at a party of a friend, where, apart from named friend, I knew only one more person… And most of the other guests spoke Spanish. But all in all, I had a great time and there was also good food.

I spent the night there and came home, arriving at the train station aroundnoonto find my bike where I had left it. In pieces. Through I must say, for vandals they were quite nice. They hadn’t taken the headlight they’d broken off. Having collected that vital piece of bike, I got on and started home cursing in several languages. Having to pedal far more then I was used drew my attention to the gears (if that’s what it’s called on a bike?) and correcting that, I suddenly noticed they’d rigged the brakes. Now I call myself lucky to have noticed then and not at some intersection, and an idiot for not having checked the bike more thoroughly before getting on the thing. Stopped, fixed the breaks, kinda and went to the police station. Not that I had any hopes at all of them doing something useful about it, but I figured it’s the idea that counts.

That said, it’s Sunday. On Sunday, we have ‘No Crime’ in Merchtem (the village where I live). Obviously we don’t. Haven’t got any cops either on a Sunday. Figures they all go home since there’s No Crime On Sunday. It’s a new policy. Coming soon to a town near you!

So yes, I’m pissed about that. (Not the cops really, the vandals)

I don’t understand the general idea behind breaking random people’s property and feeling good about it… or is that just me being very naïve?

Apart from naïve, I’m vindictive as hell… if I ever find out who did this (which I won’t) I will have a very sweet revenge, me thinks. An eye for an eye… mostly I think it’ll leave the whole world blind, but there are exceptions.

I just don’t see the point! I really, really don’t.

But that did not conclude my bad day. In fact, that wasn’t even the worst of it.

I got home, ate something and snatched up the camera to see how the wee ones had evolved. They hadn’t and they wouldn’t. I fear mommy met with either cats, buzzards or a truck… The wee ones were dead in a fly infested nest. That got me down to the bottom, really.

ok, I feel I’m getting everyone down with me and that’s not my intention, writing about it isn’t any real help either. I just needed to vent the day… hope tomorrow will be better.

To make it up to you:

some pics I did make and a random self-portrait of me venting my frustrations of the day…

Charlyn, I don't think you'll be able to make a dog in the next three pics, but fair warnings ;)

me. whoot.in hopes of better days, I leave you all...

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I heard some vandals explain that their attitude got their own meaning. And what I feel about that is, we all do things in our own meaning, so where's the sense in that?? Take care sis~ vent all feeling out by your camera ^_^
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