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here I go again - no cats this time Char!

Ok, I'm not very happy with this batch of pictures, but I thought I'd share them anyway and let you decide for yourselves :)

So, I made the decision yesterday that I would go back every two days to take a picture of the little nestlings so as to see how they grow/ evolve.

This time wasn't so good though as we had a bit of a storm last night and when I came upon the small nest with the eggs, I found this time it was not where I left it. It had fallen from the bush to the ground but the eggs were unharmed. I restored it as best I could to the place where it had been, but this time there were no angry parents yelling at me from the treetops... I'm afraid this nest is abandoned... Beautiful as it is made; the inside all covered in chicken feathers...

as for the other wee birds... I have only one thing to say... they're not getting any nicer... at all!

In fact, they're starting to scare me.

They're still very tired though :)

As for the other pics I made today...

more old rope, just for the heck of it :)

more flowers:

the last elder blossom

Angelica (a plant that looks strangely alien from this angle)

and for the next I couldn't decide which I liked best: colour or black and white... they both have something...

I think in small, the colour is nicer actually...

and last some wood impressions

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almost 16 years ago
hey sis!!! this is as beautiful as fairy tale!
almost 16 years ago
is this your belly button Sis?(kidding kidding, don't mad at me)
almost 16 years ago
So much enjoy Sis!!! Thanks for sharing to us!
almost 16 years ago


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