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power of prayer

to cut the long story short,

i wanna ask ''how do u pray?''

ever get the answers or results u want?


why is that?

''oh... maybe now is not the time...''

''just pray lah then see how things go...''

''no need to pray. He knows one.''

i was like that.

then i got sick. sick of not getting results.

so i asked Him,''why like that one? why no results?!''

He said,''How do u pray?''

He showed me that my prayer needs are met with how i pray.

so i looked to the gospel and saw how Jesus never took His time to heal, provide, feed, comfort

and even resurrect those who come to Him.

He always answered their prayer and needs immediately.

sometimes He even went looking for them.

He was never too busy. too occupied.

and best of all, He was always willing.

He demonstrated this in His first miracle, changing of water to wine, John 2:1-11.

even though He told Mary,'' My time has not yet come'' , He blessed abundantly.

so why am i delaying His blessings, favours & more for me with my lazy and weak prayer attitude?

knowing i will see His best results and solution in my situation,

i now pray confidently.

that to me is the secret to the power of prayer.

knowing that He is a willing Saviour.

pray now. and u will be surprised.

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