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my mini... part 2

so where was i?

right... my mini!

on saturday i decided to do something i never thought

i'd ever do, at least never on my own.

to be brave!

to be courageous!

to buy computer.

i ventured into Sim Lim Square.

the one mall i knew that i would be like a fish out of its golden pond.

me. in a multi-storey shopping centre where all they sell

are things you can't eat or wear!

but i told myself that i wasn't there for a food or fashion intervention...

i'll save that for another day.

so i started walking around, strolling by each shop,

was just like window shopping in town... NOT!

here they shout out their best buys and deals to your face,

tail you around in case you pick up a flat screen 42" TV

and forget to pay on your way out.

that's very chinatown!

all i wanted was to get myself a nice, small, simple, chic computer.

and not to be ripped off!

i saw 1 that i thought was okay...

i won't mention the brand.

ok! fine... its ACER.

it was small and cost $670.

wait... the guy said if i REALLY liked it

i could have it for $650.

but he only had it in pink or white.

didn't want people to think i was carrying Barbie's purse.

next shop.

$670 and it came in black.

"..no discount even if you local..." erm.. what?!

next shop.

next shop.

too busy if you're not buying.

next shop.

best price... $600!

"..but haven't GST.. plus upgrade.. +++ best price $720.."

next shop.

next shop.

before i knew it i was on level 3

and 2 hours had passed.

i knew it had to be a new Sim Lim record!

then i saw this guy standing outside this shop.

behind him, glass shelves with cute small computers!

and the prices were displayed clearly on each one of them.

i didn't see the ACER but they had a whole lot of HP Minis!

prices ranged from $400+ to $600+

from the older models to the most current ones!

so i asked what the differences were between the different models?

"what are you using it for?" he asked.

the 1st person to actually ask me why i needed one for!

i knew i was in the RIGHT shop.

shortly after, i walked out with my very own HP Mini!

Edwin, my new best friend, who was attending to me

answered all my questions about my new notebook

and even installed new programmes in it. For FREE!

Joseph, his colleague even taught me how to use

other programes from the internet!

these guys know their stuff!

i had 1 last question, "did i get the best price?"

the answer, "Mmm... not too sure. but then again our margin is really low.

                & most of our customers actually come back

because of our after service.

                we provide technical support and assist whenever we can."

since saturday i have called them 3 times!

and they have always answered with a smile.

their lips must be bleeding by now.

all this for $660.

ram upgrade included.

so the next time you're walking into Sim Lim Square,

walk straight into PC Dreams, #03-55.

you'll be in good hands.

he had me at "what are you using it for?"

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