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my friends say i'm always complaining about something, & frankly if you were to spend an entire day with me,you'd agree too.but i neversee it as much as complaining as as much as expressing myself.( i'm also very good in confusing )so today i'm gonna express myself,but without touching myself all over, AKA Madonna.i don't get it when cashiers at TOPMAN don't know how much''Media Discount'' is.they tell me to call their Office to find out!i don't understand why Taxis with NOT FOR HIRED signs only stop to pickup PRC female passenger.Racist or Sexist?i don't know why it takes FOREVER to collect my orders at McDonald's.they make me pay then tell me, ''pls wait 3mins for Fries''.i don't know how Customer Service Officers who don't understand English be hired.i asked to purchase 2 more tickets.his reply, "Tomorrow ticket?''.i don't know what to say when Expats ask me if i am originally from Singapore?i AM. i just speak better!Ahh... its good to let things out, at least once in a while.i do it all the time and you should too.so go on... EXPRESS YOURSELF.just be careful where u touch yourself.

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