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Blog: Wednesday, Dec 28


the last 11 months have been flashing pass me recently. maybe its because we are at the end of another year.but do you realize the older you get the faster everything goes?!wasn't it like just yesterday u were in school?then it was the first party?no more sneaking in & out of the house.now we can do just about anything cos we're OLD enough...OLD enough.that sounds Sad and Scary at the same time.whatever happened to Growing Up Gracefully?taking your time.where did my 20s go?!someone said once u did 21, Life is gonna Run by u.wait.am i having a Mid Life Crisis?i'm only 42. too young for MLC!what's next?heat flash? am i gonna put on weight? hair lost?i already started losing hair years ago...ahhh whatever.i am looking forward to my Peak.and so should U.don't let the bitches run your life.its your race.run it the way u want.

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