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Blog: Thursday, Dec 22

Jokes 2011

there has been a number of Jokes in 2011.

apparently with the world's economy going down in 2012,i say why not.one of my favorite is Kim Kardashian's wedding, marriage and divorce.and that only took 3months of 2011.i actually enjoy watching ''Keeping Up With The Kardashians''.its the most staged, planted, surreal Reality TV ever.it beats SURVIVOR.but the whole ''Kim & Kris'' really takes the ( wedding ) cake!and with a name like KARDASHIANS,they do sound like a race of their own...then on closer shores... its our SMRT.Seriously... MRT?we all understand a breakdown.but 4 within 48hrs is a bit Dramatic.and when reasons started flying that's when it became really funny.''Possibly due to increased Population, the Tracks could have been overworked...''since when did Singapore increase in Population?last i checked, people were still too busy trying to get into the trainto rush home to make babies...just because we have more PRC PRs doesn't mean the Singaporean Population has increased.finally on the Social Media...Jon Bon Jovi death hoax.Mm... Jon who?

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