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Blog: Monday, Oct 10

Welcome to PARIS!

so i'm back after 30 days. and like i said before, 30 days, 3 countries, 1 currency,it's all begins with Paris.arriving in Paris was surreal.even at the airport it was hard to believe that aftera 13 hour flight that i was finally there.just waiting to take the train to town from the airportfelt more like i was in London then Paris.its was cold, windy and cloudy.seemed like Paris was almost done with summer.40 minutes later i stepped out onto the streets of Monmartre.like any typical lost tourist, i decided to ask a shopkeeperfor directions to my accommodation.my 1st interaction with a Parisian!his answer,'' i'm busy opening my store. this is not a information center.''my reaction,''OUCH!''.in my head i was saying ''WELCOME TO PARIS!''.an hour later i was in the studio apartment enjoying the view of Monmartre.lush green. coffee brewing in every corner. fresh croissant and nutella.Paris started looking better already.with the visit to the Eiffel Tower that stood majestically tall,i started to understand the French's passion for Life & Perfection.Time literally stands still for you to embrace Art & Live at the LOURVE.of course there was Champ Elysees, the Fashion Street,the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, the hip & happening Marai district,Moulin Rouge and a million more attractions!but it was everything else too.talented musicians on the street basking.giant bowls of hot chocolate with jam & bread breakfast.varieties of fresh colorful fruits & vegetables at street corners.parks & gardens filled with parents and kids just playing.locals sipping wine in the afternoon sun.and coffee costing less than bottled water.yes. there are some ugliness too.pee smell in the Metro Stations.graffiti on almost every wall of every building.& people trying to con you for a euro on the street,300 in my case.still, Paris is all this and maybe a little bit more.the little bit that only you will experience,wanting more.

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