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Blog: Friday, Aug 26

''U look like an Idiot talking to me in English'' smile.

lately there's been much news about what's News, and i for one am very appalled.with the coming Presidential Election coming upall 4 Elect get time with and in the Press.but it rather seems like the wind is blowing in a certain direction...if the Press favored is not careful, well, hair will be blown...if u know what i mean.last week was also the Nation's 46th Birthday.there was so much so about the country's roots and historyon almost all the channels that i decided to skip TV for a week.there really isn't much i don't know about Singapore by now.one can only take so much history lesson at a time.and let's not forget the GaGa inspired Fun Pack song for NDP.the icing on the cake was watching people speak on TV.a local family was interviewed by the News team for the NDP...it was sad that they were the BEST the team could find to interview.u can read this how ever u want but let me just say... they talked sh!t.the Presidential Elect's 1st TV telecast speeches?i thought i watching an audition reel for The NOOSE.and a Western Twang English speaking dudeis needed for Game Shows for locals to understand Game Shows?!no wonder the PRCs working in singapore are confused.with some many different races & different 'kind' of english spoken here,they clearly see no need to learn, pick up or understand the language.with their ever so ''U look like an Idiot talking to me in English'' smile.but then again, NOT all PRCs are like that.i have PRCs friends too.only the ones who work at KOU FU Food Court next to Commonwealth MRT.trust me... i know.now i just point.and people ask   where i'm from?

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