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Second Meeting for A Short Film I Am Producing

I am glad that we had the second meeting for the short film my classmate from the improv class and I are planning to produce. We had a good idea for our short at the first meeting but I had found out that the concept was very similar to what my friend made that I just watched. I definitely didn't wanna jeopardize his film even though the story was slightly different and he said that it wouldn't be matter because the interpretation from an individual was different. But now it doesn't matter because while I was awaiting for the actual story from him, I thought about a different storyline.

Today a friend of my classmate joined our meeting as a writer. I talked to them about 3 different possible stories: two of them are very similar based on the concept my classmate and I discussed at the first meeting and the other was the same category but different storyline. My classmate showed more interests in the third one, so we naturally started discussing about the possibilities and each character. I always love the time to throw all the ideas on the table and find the best pieces in the right place. That's what we did today. We kinda had a good storyline and now it's the matter if the write can put them in the papers. We also discussed what other characters I want to play, then we were now going to make another short that would be a comedy if we go that far. 

We talked a little bit about who could be the director, the producers my classmate knows, possible sponsors, and the locations etc. It seems like it is taking off to somewhere. How exciting! It is surely a great learning experience but if you think about it, I simply wanted to film some scenes to update my demo reel, then it becomes a possible short film, that could be two shorts and finally some well-established director and/or producers with some possible sponsors. WOW, it's like a snowball, starting from just a small ball and becoming a huge one. But I don't get too excited until it's really finished. All I have to do is to take one step at a time...

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