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[RM] The Second Screening of The Red Machine!

The Red Machine made it to the banner!

My day started from watching the respectable films that I wanted to catch up with while I was in Edinburgh, so I stayed at VideoTech as long as I could. I had started a good day not only because those films were quite well done but also my dear friend was visiting me from London to just watch my film. I've been a friend of hers for over 10 years but because we have a long distance between London and Los Angeles, it's hard to meet up each other. But I believe we have stayed good friends to each other for those years no matter how far we live in.

I went to the second screening... there she was!! I was so happy to see her and was very touched by her gesture that she actually came to Edinburgh from London: leaving at night after her work, jumping on a train, and running into the theatre. There is no way to express how much I appreciated it....

As traditional, we had a Q&A in front to the audience after the screening. This time, I saw that we pretty much filled out the house and most of them looked more filmmakers. I also saw some people who we'd met at parties and/or delegate center during our stay to support each other's films. We were lucky that we had two screenings and now the second one was on Sat. Also most of them came because of the word of mouth. We'd got a pretty good reputation, we'd heard

After enjoying Q&A, there were a few people who came up to me and told me that they really enjoyed watching my character. Then my friend came to me and told me that since she knew me as a friend and never saw me on the screening as an actor, she was very nervous before the movie started but because the story/movie was so good that she didn't have any weirdness to see me as a character. And as matter of fact, she enjoyed my character!! I was so glad that she enjoyed the film itself. (It had to be! otherwise I would've felt bad to spend money and time to get to Scotland during her busy time!! ;D)

RM gangs and my friend, Cheryl, stayed together and went to attend a screening of the film whose filmmakers and actors came to our screening earlier to support ours. We had a good time watching the film where it's funny, good cinematography, production design acting and directing. After the screening, we talked a bit and they were very nice and friendly people who came from US (mostly from Los Angeles, one from Colorado, and the other from New York.) I love to meet such enthusiastic filmmakers!

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The Red Machine (feature film) I\'m starring in will be screening at Woods Hole Film Festival on August 4th and has been selected to be an Opening Night Movie a

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