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[RM] Screening at Paramount Studio in LA!!!!!

The Red Machine is FINALLY screening in Los Angeles!!!! Many friends of mine have kept asking me when they can watch the film and this is the time! I was thinking that it is actually a good timing since they have heard all the screenings and awards/nominations about this film, that have led them to feel that they gotta watch it! A'HA! It was a perfect plan  

This screening starts at 3:45 on Thursday, so many of them are still not able to watch it. aww....  It is funny, though, to see how they react. They were so happy to hear that the screening took place in Los Angeles for all those months they'd been waiting to watch and when they heard the time slot then they suddenly became very disappointed. I really appreciate their feeling that they want to watch it, though. I am hoping we have more screenings in Los Angeles within this year!

Here is the information of the screening:

Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios

Date: June 3rd

Time: 3:45 pm

Place: Sherry Lansing Theater

Buy a ticket from here:  RSVP for The Red Machine

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The Red Machine (feature film) I\'m starring in will be screening at Woods Hole Film Festival on August 4th and has been selected to be an Opening Night Movie a

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